We spied many new gravel wheels at the Sea Otter Classic this year, and Fulcrum has officially joined the fray. Their new Rapid Red 5 DB isn’t aimed as high-priced halo product, but rather everyday wheels that accommodate wide tires and can take a beating. With a 23mm inner rim width, tubeless-ready profile, and two wheel diameters, they hit the marks of what you should expect of a modern gravel wheel.

Fulcrum Rapid Red 5 Disc Brake Gravel Bike Wheels

This isn’t Fulcrum’s first foray in to gravel, but it’s what we’d call their first dedicated gravel wheel. Indeed, exactly one year ago they showed us the Zero DB aluminum wheel set at Sea Otter 2018. However, that rim has a 19mm internal width, making it more of a road wheel that can be used for gravel – rather than a gravel-specific wheel.

In contrast, the new Rapid Red 5 DB has a 23mm internal width, making it more appropriate for wide tires. While Fulcrum doesn’t exactly stick to ETRTO recommendations, they do err on the conservative side, recommending a 32mm-or-larger tire.

The wheels are available in either 700c or 650b sizes, both featuring the same rim dimensions. The rims feature Fulcrum’s 2-Way Fit for use with either standard clincher or tubeless tires.

Fulcrum uses their own hubs, featuring 12 or 15mm front and 12mm rear thru axle compatibility, and AFS brake interface. Freehub options are currently offered in Shimano HG 11-speed or SRAM XDR (no 12-speed Microspline just yet).

Let’s check out the full list of specs and compatibility:

The Fulcrum Rapid Red 5 DB and Rapid Red 5 DB 650b are available now for a price of $540 USD per pair. Learn more about these and other Fulcrum wheels at the link below.




    • BT on

      If you look on Fulcrum’s site it says the Campy freehub is optional – I’m guessing that means they won’t ship wheels in box with one, but you can swap the HG/XDr with the Campy FH as per usual.

      • Cory Benson on

        @BT, looks like we will get a set in to test on a Campagnolo bike (with the Campy FWB, probably separately), so we’ll check to see if buyers will be able to get it Campy-ready in-the-box.

  1. Giulio on

    Dear all,
    Which tyre are safe to be mount on these? I red that the pirelli cinturato can not be mounted on such large rims, also the challange strada bianca have a tendency to blow off of the rim. I thought maybe the vittoria terreno zero? Any other advice? I need a sleek tyre for long event with mostly road and 20-30% light gravel, also good for winter training.


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