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The Fulcrum family is expecting a couple new additions in 2012, big Mama Fulcrum is pregnant with quadruplets (dang fertility drugs!). Not big on surprises, the Fulcrums have peaked at the results of the ultrasound, and it looks like they are going to have a Racing Speed XLR 80, a Dark Label version of the Racing Speed 50mm, a Dark Label Version of the Racing Speed XLR, and, last but not least, a Dark Label version of the Racing Speed XLR 80mm.

There are already too many Fulcrum children to swing a dead possum at, but there’s never been a Fulcrum child that looked anything like the high profile Racing Speed XLR 80 or its fraternal twin, the Racing Speed XLR 80 in Dark Label version. The XLR 80 was born with a couple genetic mutations that set it apart from its brethren — it’s a high profile yet easy to handle wheel that better penetrates the air, and at the same time guarantees acceleration and maneuverability, even with a side wind.

Although some children’s rights activists take issue with The Fulcrum’s penchant for running their children through rigorous and sometimes abusive testing, the rest of us will be reassured by the knowledge that The Fulcrum’s tested their new 80mm carbon rim-having child first in the wind tunnel and then on the road. (Don’t worry, his face won’t stay that way.) Turns out the little tyke is gifted, its got an optimum level of aerodynamic penetration, but can still handle, steer, and react well.

The XLR 80 brothers have an edge over some of the other Fulcrum kids — they have carbon hubs and oversize aluminum flanges. Like some of their siblings, they joined a CULT from birth. Or rather, they have bearings with CULT technology, which allows for adjustment to the cone/cap system. One trait that all the Fulcrum brood share is the spoke anti-rotation system that assures that their spokes remain in an aerodynamic position.

Photo of the XLR 80 Dark Label after the break.

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Mark Adam
Mark Adam
13 years ago

I wonder if Hawley has them yet? I want.

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