Storied Dutch bike brand Gazelle have just rolled out their new city e-bike for customers in the USA. Called the Arroyo, it features a mid drive motor, full coverage fenders, and a rack with built in lighting. While the debate can rage on about if, when, & how much disruption eMTBs will have in the States, there’s no arguing that another e-commuter means one less car on the road and a better environment for everyone. Building on their 125 year history of producing archetypal “Dutch bikes” for the Netherlands, Gazelle has set their sights on the blossoming US e-bike market. The new Arroyo C8 HMB utilizes a Bosch 500W bottom bracket-drive motor with the battery mounted to the rear rack. Click past the break to catch this Gazelle…

The Bosch system on the Arroyo uses an 11.3Ah lithium-ion battery that reaches a full charge from flat in about 5 hours. On that full charge, quoted range is 90 miles in eco mode, and about 37 miles in “turbo”. A Shimano 8 speed internally geared rear hub offers a decent gearing range to hit the hills, while powerful hydraulic rim brakes will safely bring you to a stop.

An upright riding position paired with a suspension fork and suspension seatpost mean the ride is sure to be cushy. Rounding out the standard accessories on the bike are fenders with integrated LED head & taillights, as well as a traditional integrated wheel lock at the rear brake bridge. Tipping the scales at 24.5kg (55lb) without the battery, the Arroyo is a hefty animal, so that lithium-ion for the pedal assist.

Available as a step-thru frame or with a traditional front triangle, both versions of the Arroyo will be offered in three sizes – 46cm and 49cm, and in two colors – blue or black. Pricing starts at $3,500.

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4 years ago

That’s not an arroyo, it’s a WASH !!!

4 years ago

Bosch motor is not 400W but 250W. Battery capacity is 400WH.