Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB offers sporty ride, Bosch e-bike assist, & 10 year warranty

Gazelle announced the all-new Ultimate T10 HMB, a hybrid e-bike with integrated Bosch motor and battery system. Using a low-step frame, suspension fork, and Shimano XT groupset, it aims at a spirited ride quality for your commute or ride around town.

Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB hybrid commuter e-bike

Gazelle may not be the most well-known name among racing-types, but the Dutch company makes a wide spread of useful and utilitarian commuter bikes. The new Ultimate T10 HMB has an aluminum frame and fork, along with a clever suspension design and hidden downtube battery. Complete bike weight is quoted at 50.7 pounds, putting it in the thick of the commuter e-bike market.

The new bike is equipped with the Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor and Powertube 500 Wh battery, providing up-to-90 miles of assistance in the lowest power setting. There are four power settings total, and cranking it all the way up reduces approximate range to 35 miles.

The aluminum fork has an integrated suspension system that looks awfully similar to the Cannondale Head Shok. Details are slim as of now, with suspension travel, adjustability, and service requirements yet to be announced.

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes handle stopping duties…

…while an XT drivetrain handles shifting duties out back.

Extras are included from the factory, such as a rear rack, Ergon grips, and integrated headlight system.

Gazelle does not provide a detailed geometry chart, but offers three frame sizes: 46, 53, and 57cm. They suggest consulting this page for determining your ideal bike size.

Gazelle will begin delivering complete bikes to retail stores in November 2019. MSRP is quoted at $3,799. Frames are covered by a 10-year warranty, while a 5-year warranty covers suspension forks and paintwork.

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2 years ago

Nice looking bike. Very clean lines with the fork. You’d expect this from a premium brand like Gazelle.

Huffagnolo SuperMagna
Huffagnolo SuperMagna
2 years ago

Hopefully this one is more reliable then their other models. Having to constantly replace wheels, Bosch display mounts (not because of a fault of Bosch but due to Gazelle handlebars), chainguards (they sent us 4 of the wrong one for a bike they made), broken racks, frames that aren’t welded straight and hydraulic rim brakes that are constantly making noise or running or customers don’t feel are working because of how anemic they feel at the levers even when properly bled. The amount of unhappy customers is just staggering, because they have so many issues so often.

They look like good bikes and they have a good drive system and you think they are a brand that has been around a long time, but their bikes at least over here in the U.S. are terrible. Maybe in the NL design room they believe the world is entirely flat like their country and people only pedal lightly and barely use their brakes.

Tom at Orbit City Bikes

You sound like you work at a bike shop and from your previous comments I have ascertained that you do not object to eBikes. We are an eBike dealer that sells Gazelle. Gazelle is the best selling bike brand in our store. We have never encountered a Bosch display mount problem (we make sure they are mounted properly and have enough movement to be able to adjust the handlebars), a chain guard problem (although I feel for you having received the wrong one 4 times), a broken rack, or a frame that wasn’t welded straight. We have encountered the squeaky brakes, which is usually resolved with proper adjustment and/or installation of the brake booster provided to dealers at no charge. The only quality issue we have had is the way the brakes come from the factory. They ALL need adjusted and sometimes bled. We find that when the brakes are properly adjusted they work really well, with nice modulation. As a dealer, it is our job to make sure the eBike reaches the final customer in a safe condition.

Chris at Propel
2 years ago

Great write up Greg! We also got to check out the bike at Gazelle’s Factory in the Netherlands and did a little video on the bike in case you or others might want to check it out: