Rotor is making it a bit easier to choose one of their latest made-in-Spain, CNC-machined alloy crankset powermeters with a new deal letting you pick out a free set of whichever of their chainrings you prefer. Making it simple & straight forward, pick any of their one or two-sided power meter cranks for any on or off-road use, and you get your pick of whatever round or oval rings you want – 1x, 2x, direct mount or with a conventional spider…

Rotor “Buy a powermeter and get the chainrings for free” deal

Rotor "Buy a powermeter and get the chainrings for free" deal

Starting next Monday, Oct 21 and running till the end up Jan 2020 (Don’t click Buy Now today!), buy any new Rotor powermeter in a participating shop or online store (including direct from Rotor) and a single set of chainrings purchased in the same transaction will be free.

Rotor "Buy a powermeter and get the chainrings for free" deal

The power meters included in the promotion are the dual-sided 1300€ 2INpower Road, 1200€ 2INpower MTB & 1350€ 2INpower Track cranksets, the single-side measurement 700€ INpower Road & 700€ INpower MTB cranksets, and the single-sided 650€ INspider power meter that can be used with their modular arms like the Kapic Carbon cranks.

Rotor "Buy a powermeter and get the chainrings for free" deal

All of those include Rotor’s pedaling biomechanics tracking analysis and with their oval rings the ability to fine tune the optimum chainring rotation/clocking position based on your individual power output.

2019 Rotor Vegast road and Kapic mountain bike cranksets with new INpower power meter spindles

Sure, while most regular cranksets already include rings, Rotor’s modular power meters often are offered without rings to give you more options. So this promo is likely to save 70-200€ depending on which of their machined in-house 7075 alloy rings you choose, with no real limitations. Besides saving a few bucks, it also gives full flexibility for round or oval Q Rings, closed aero or traditionally open machined rings, spider mount or direct mount, and single ring or 2x setups.


  1. Andre on

    The INspider, like any other spider based powermeters is NOT single-sided (like the INpower, or other left-only PM’s such as Stages-L, 4iiii single or Easton Cinch).

    While it cannot measure individual left & right power, it does measure total power just like any other spider-based PM (SRM, P2M, Quarq, etc)


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