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Go Pro Helmet Hero HD Goes All 3-D

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The now ubiquitous, classic GoPro Helmet HERO was great in its original incarnation. Then it went HD, and that was even better. And now the Helmet HERO is jamming another trick up its waterproof to 180′ casing — it’s going 3-D. OK, that’s not accurate, nothing is getting literally jammed up the waterproof casing. The camera itself will remain unchanged. To shoot 3-D video all you’re going to need is an additional GoPro Helmet Hero wearable camera, some software, and an “Expansion Kit,” which will be available next month. We assume the “Expansion Kit” will include the software (it better for $90) and some way of attaching the two cameras together. It’s hard to tell from the above photo how, exactly, the joining of the cameras is accomplished.

Apparently this development is so exciting, it is Fox News worthy. I am completely apolitical, I will not make any jokes about this, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make jokes about it in the comments section. Or not. You can also take it very, very seriously…like I may or may not have.

The two cameras will run you about $360, which is significantly less than the cost of one name-brand 3-D camera, and you have the added bonus of being able to break the two cameras apart like a Voltron toy, to use them independently, if you’re feeling crazy. So all you’ll need is the two cameras, the expansion kit, maybe the software, and something to watch it on…

you’ve already got a 3-D monitor right? Heck, my microwave has a 3-D monitor.

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13 years ago

Two things stood out for me. Your article states the pricepoint for the **two** cameras at $360, while a single costs $300. Really?

Other thing I noticed was that one of them is upside down. Could this mean the release of the long promised (and long delayed) camera firmware to invert your video – allowing you to easily mount the camera upside down without the need to post-process the video?

13 years ago

The new GoProHD 960 is 180 MSRP. It just does away with the 1080 and 60fps modes, which are definitely worth losing for the new price. 1080 is relatively terrible for any shots in which you’re wearing the camera and are moving and 60fps only useful for slow-mo, though some seem to believe the myth that it shoots smoother.

The new firmware that allows UPd, among other options, has been released for months. I personally heard about it in Oct 2010. http://www.goprocamera.com/support/hdheroupdate.php
– I’d advise only DLing it if you need these features. I got it solely for UPd. I think it made my GoProHD more sensitive to light change now though…

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