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Granite Design add dual-mode Cricket Bell and Scope Mount for SWAT Users

granite design scope garmin mount for swat users top cap replacement
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Granite Design have added two very small but very useful items to their portfolio. The Cricket Bell is an under-bar mounted bike bell that has two modes; a continuous “cowbell” mode and a single hit “ding” mode. There’s also a new quick-release cycle computer mount that replaces the top-cap of the SWAT tool system. Let’s take a closer look at the two.

Granite Cricket Bell

granite bike bell cricket under bar mounted

Granite Design wanted to make an effective but minimalist bike bell that integrates neatly into any handlebar setup. The Cricket Bell is what they came up with. Its under-bar mounted design makes it stand out less than a traditional bike bell would, keeping the top of your cockpit looking clean.

granite design cricket bell under bar bike bell

This placement also makes it nice and ergonomic, with the trigger articulating forwards and toward the bar, rather than downwards. This, I reckon, is probably more comfortable for your wrist and likely easier to reach if you ever need to ding it in a hurry.

granite designs cricket bell bikebell continuous or one ding modes
The Granite Cricket Bell weighs a claimed 42g and measures up at 56mm tall

The coolest thing about the Granite Cricket Bell is that you can run it in two different modes. You can run it as a regular bell, hitting the trigger once for one simple “ding”. Or, you can pull the bell down, away from its clamp slightly, to activate the “cowbell” continuous mode.

The continuous mode could be useful if you’re meandering past lots of riders and walkers on a wide multi-use path, or if you’re travelling down a windy gravel path and you want to alert other users of that same that you’re coming.

That said, in neither of those scenarios is the Cricket Bell a replacement for common courtesy, of course. We must expect other riders or walkers to be around that blind bend, and ride safely with other folk in mind at all times.

Granite Scope Computer Mount for SWAT Users

granite design scope garmin mount for swat users top cap replacement
The Granite Scope Mount weighs a claimed 15g

The Granite Scope converts your SWAT Conceal Carry tool top-cap to a quick-release mount for your onboard computer. Previously, it was impossible to mount your cycle computer to the top-cap of the SWAT system. The Granite Scope changes that, and is compatible with Garmin, Wahoo and Bryton computers.

granite design scope swat cycle computer mount garmin

The Scope Mount can be installed quickly and easily at home without any specialist tools and without any interference with the SWAT system.

Pricing & Availability

Both the Granite Cricket Bell and the Granite Scope Mount for the SWAT tool retail at $20.99 a piece. The latter isn’t available until April 20th.


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3 years ago

That is an interesting and nicely priced bell. I just wonder if it will manage to stay in regular mode or will it fall down from hitting bumps? I just might have to find out

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