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Granite Design Portaledge Strap Mounts Add Flexible Storage Solutions for Adventure Bikers

the granite design portaledge sitting on a mossy rock
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Granite Design is all about unique, pack-free ways to store needed tools and gear. With its Portaledge line of storage solutions, the company tackles the problem of unused bosses and arrives at two slim, lightweight, easy-to-install strap mounts.

the granite design portaledge mounted to bosses on the down tube

First in the series is the Granite Portaledge Strap Mount. With an MSRP of only $16.99 and room for tire levers, CO2, and a tube, it’s a handy addition to an adventure bike’s storage system.

The Granite Portaledge Strap Mount is constructed of an aluminum alloy and features a silicone-coated 30 mm hook and loop strap to keep tools secure. Our favorite part? It weighs in at just 1.2 ounces or 34g. It bolts into standard bottle bosses with a hex wrench.

Portaledge XE Strap Mount

the granite designs portaledge xe strap mount attached to bosses on the down tube

Next up is the Granite Portaledge XE Strap Mount. This innovative strap mount bolts to the same bosses as your water bottle cage, storing essentials directly beneath the bottle.

The Portaledge XE Strap Mount is 1.7 ounces and—like the Portaledge Strap Mount—is constructed of tough aluminum alloy and a silicone-coated hook and loop strap. The Portaledge XE Strap Mount requires about 49 square centimeters of space (about the size of a balled fist) below the lower bottle boss, otherwise, you won’t have room for your tools. The XE Strap Mount ships with long and short M5 bolts, both of which you’ll need to install.

Both Portaledge Strap Mount and Portaledge XE Strap Mount come in black and a snazzy, eye-catching orange.


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