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Graphene powered Vittoria eMTB tires roll out with high-longevity, battery-saving claims

vittoria lauch new emtb tire range for enduro trail xc e-mountain biking
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Shortly after launching their Mazza enduro tire, Vittoria is adding an e-MTB version as well. The e-Mazza isn’t alone though, Vittoria have also added eMTB versions of the Barzo tire for XC, the Agarro for trail riding, and the Martello for enduro, too.

While the tires are specifically labeled as e-MTB versions, there isn’t actually anything new here. That’s because the new Vittoria eMTB tires use the same Graphene 2.0 technology and 4C rubber compound found on their existing tires, which offer benefits for any mountain bike – not just regular bikes. But when specifically applied to eMTBs, the compound ends up being very durable and thus long-lasting, and claims to be battery-saving as well. We got some in the post; actual weights below.

Vittoria eMTB Tires

Vittoria approve the Martello, Mazza, Barzo and Agarro tread designs for eMTB use

With the additional power and weight of electric mountain bikes, e-MTB tires need to be strong and durable enough to withstand that and perform well too. The last thing you want is a tire with flimsy sidewalls or knobs that rip-off under harsh cornering. Vittoria reckon their tires were already more than a match for the needs of modern e-XC, e-Trail and E-Enduro mountain biking.

Vittoria states that their Graphene 2.0 and 4C compound technology is ideal for the requirements of e-MTB. All four Vittoria eMTB tires have a 2-ply casing at 120 tpi.

The Graphene component is said to improve tread durability and rolling resistance while the 4C layering is said to create strong knobs that won’t tear off under the higher torque of an eMTB.

vittoria emtb tire emazza e-enduro tyre

Since they’re essentially the same tires, these “new” eMTB tires are no heavier than their counterparts for “normal” mountain biking. The enduro casing Mazza and e-Mazza have the same claimed weight of 1400 g (29 x 2.6″). Also, the enduro casing Martello and the e-Martello have the same claimed weight of 1230 g (29 x 2.35″). They also cost the same at $62.95.

vittoria emartello emtb tire enduro mountain biking weighs 1253 g
The 29 x 2.35″ Vittoria eMartello weighed in 23 g heavier than its claimed 1230 g

Nevertheless, Vittoria has relabeled the tires and given then bright green packaging with a green lightning bolt on the sidewall to let the consumer know that these are not only e-bike approved, but will likely provide benefits over your stock e-bike tire as well.


Pricing & Availability

Vittoria offer the e-Mazza, e-Agarro, e-Martello and e-Barzo tires in both 29″ and 27.5″ options. The e-Mazza is available in a 2.4″ and a 2.6″ version, while the e-Agarro, e-Martello and e-Barzo tires come in 2.35″ and 2.6″ options. We got some 29″ Vittoria eMTB tires in for testing. Here are the actual versus claimed weights of each.

Vittoria e-MTB tire Claimed weight Actual weight MRSP
Mazza 29 x 2.6″ 1400 g 1392 g $62.95
Agarro 29 x 2.35″ 940 g 974 g $62.95
Martello 29 x 2.35″ 1230 g 1253 g $62.95
Barzo 29 x 2.35″ 745 g 737 g $59.95


vittoria ebarzo actual weight 737 g 29 x 2.35" xc tire emtb
The e-Barzo Vittoria eMTB tire weighed in below its claimed weight at 737 g for the 29 x 2.35″ version


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3 years ago

What EMTBs really need is beefier sidewalls. The bikes are heavier and go faster its really more enduro style riding.

Sami Hamady
Sami Hamady
3 years ago

so there’s no difference? I currently have the regular Barzo on my bike, would switching to the e version when mine wear out be a good idea since they’re supposed to be more efficient

2 years ago
Reply to  Sami Hamady

I emailed Vittoria about this and they said that the ebike version of any given tyre is just the strongest version of that tyre available. The idea being that an ebiker does not have to go through the list of casings available to decide. So if what you call regular is the Barzo Tubeless TNT version then you have an ebike version already in everything but name.

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