Green Grips Organic Cotton Handlebar Tape


Green Grips helps make your bicycle a little more eco-friendly by offering 100% organic cotton bar tape for your road bike, replacing the petroleum-based plastic bar tape.

They supposedly split the love between the earth and your hands, letting their breathe better than plastic or rubbery bar tape. It’s shipped to retailers in a re-useable plastic container bulk bin, with no individual packaging, reducing overall waste materials.  Each Green Grip is sold in 3-yard rolls, wrapped around a wood spool.

Another benefit is for people with rubber or other allergies, and they can be used for other things too…like shovels and trail building tools.

They only come in “Natural” for now, but colors are on the way.  Cheap (only $6/roll), green and another way to make your hipster fixie different from everyone elses.

Bulk pack pic after the break…


Interested retailers can order through Lexco.

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