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Greg Lemond, Trek Bicycles Closer to Jury Trial

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Greg LeMond and Trek Bicycles moved one step closer to a trial by jury Wednesday as U.S. District Court Judge Richard Kyle heard oral arguments and deferred ruling on two summary judgement motions.  This keeps open the possibility of some courtroom fireworks next March if the two parties are unable to settle out of court.

Judge Kyle recommended both parties attempt to come to an agreement privately to avoid an explosive trial, which would almost certainly raise questions about Lance Armstrong and doping.

“We’re certainly not averse to settling it,” said Jamie DiBoise, LeMond’s attorney. He and Ralph Weber, Trek’s attorney, both are reported to have said they’ll be meeting soon to schedule talks.

Trek maintains that the case is about LeMond’s failure to meet obligations related to their relationship in which Trek made and sold LeMond bicycles, including the failure to maintain good conduct by commenting “If Lance is clean, it is the greatest comeback in the history of sports.  If he isn’t, it would be the greatest fraud.”  LeMond also raised concerns about Armstrong’s prior relationships with notorious doping Dr. Michele Ferrari.

LeMond and his wife, Kathy, said they were encouraged by the Judge’s hypothetical questions, including “Would Trek still pursue a case if LeMond had simply said ‘No comment’ in reply to questions rather than calling out a specific athlete (ie. Lance)?”

Trek says it and its dealers suffered lost sales and damaged reputation because of LeMond’s comments, while LeMond says Trek intentionally ignored the LeMond brand, leading to extremely soft sales and the eventual split between the two parties.

Weber said LeMond’s comments had a “real-world impact on Trek and the independent dealers, many of whom have mortgaged their life savings for these businesses. … That, from Trek’s perspective, is what this lawsuit is all about.”

Read more at NY Daily News.

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Eric Jensen
Eric Jensen
14 years ago

I bought a Trek/Lemond TT bike a couple years ago in the middle of this BS. I bought it because it was $1400 for a $2600 bike … because “they couldn’t get rid of them because of Lemond’s public profile”. *VERBATIM* from dude in the store … in Boulder Colorado … full of cyclists and triathletes who would grab such a thing.

I haven’t ever really liked his personna. For me, he exudes a negative vibe. So what. Good cyclist in his day. Now, I’m not up on my non-English cycling news, but I don’t recall Merckx yapping about any of it, so maybe then he should just shut up and move on?

I figured I will have to remove enough components from the bike for an overhaul that I can then get it stripped and painted *WITHOUT* Lemond on it. It is a great frame all-in-all … but I thank Trek for that … not His Majesty.

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