As teased earlier, 29er early adopters Hammerhead Bikes are back with a new full suspension frame, the Thumper.  In keeping with Hammerhead’s pledge to launch all new models in support of worthy charities, the Thumper is set to debut at a Denver benefit gala for the  Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center this weekend.  The design looks to be cleanly executed- but we’ll have to wait just a bit longer for complete bike images (this weekend) and a review bike (later this month).

TULSA, OK – Hammerhead Bikes announced today that details for their upcoming new frame will be released this week, with the premier of the bicycle to be shown and up for auction at the Rocky Mountain MS Center Annual Gala this Saturday, September 8th.

“MS is something that hits close to home for us, as we have people close to us who suffer from the disease” says Hammerhead owner, Scott Robertson.  “If you want a chance to get the first frame off the production line, come out to the Gala in Denver and bid for it.  It’s a medium,” adds Robertson.  Tickets for the gala are still available through their site, and start at $175 per ticket to support an amazing cause.  They can be purchased at

[more information and photos after the break]

In addition, Robertson has vowed to launch every new model of Hammerhead frames as a donation to a charity they believe in.  “It’s really great to be able to give back, and launching Hammerhead models this way feels like a unique and fun way to do it.”  One hundred percent of the proceeds raised in the auctions will go directly to the charity the bikes are being donated to.  “We have more bikes in the pipeline that we’ll be auctioning off with various charities over the coming year, so stay tuned.”  Robertson states that after they hit up a few of the charities that the Hammerhead staff are passionate about, they’ll open up their Facebook page to the cycling community for ideas of charities they would like to see supported by the program.


For the model being revealed at the Gala on Saturday, Hammerhead is tight-lipped at the moment, but will open up the floodgates once the auction has been completed.  Clues can be found if one were interested enough to look for them.

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9 years ago

Good cause and charity not trying to take anything away from that

BORING!!! another full squish alum 29er, how original

9 years ago

I rode and raced a Hammerhead 100x for years. One of the best bikes I’ve ever owned. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles of the bikes I was racing against. It just had superb, sublime handling, a good platform, and supple big hit absorption. Looking forward to this bike! (Although Thumper is kind of an odd name)

9 years ago

I got to ride the Thumper around briefly in Austin as a friend was testing it out. It’s named after a nasty little trail here in town . Fun bike – seemed to have VPP-ish style suspension and pedaled well. Unfortunately I only had the chance to ride it around in the street and the medium is a bit small for me. Looking forward to the unveiling.

9 years ago

Thanks guys! We are really excited to bring the HH frames back, it’s been a blast. Can’t wait to do the unveiling this weekend.
@Eric – Our goal was to bring what was great about the 100x forward into the current world of MTBs, I think we nailed it.
@Josh – we will have Small-XL demo bikes down in Austin soon….looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the correct size and after tearing up the Thumper Trail 🙂 We are also doing an unveiling down in Austin at the Thumper Trail, next month. Check out our FB page for updates on that.

Scott – Hammerhead Bikes….Austin’s dirty little secret since 2001 🙂

9 years ago

I got to demo this bike recently. It’s a very well constructed bike. The rear suspension works great. Very efficient, soaks up the bumps, and climbs well. It’s really cool to see the name of a trail I helped construct plastered on the side of a bicycle! Thanks for bringing this bike to life Scott.

Charles Coker
9 years ago

As the founder of Hammerhead Bikes, I must admit I am VERY pumped about this new bike..
I got to spend quite a bit of time on the prototype and am very impressed with it!
It’s FAST, rails corners, handles technical rocky singletrack extremely well and is just FUN!
That’s probably the thing that was on my mind the most as I rode it.
I was micro analyzing everthing for the first ride, 2nd ride was like “man, this is a GOOD riding bike, 3rd ride and I forgot all about all of it and just was grinning from ear to ear having a blast on it…

Damned good job Scott

9 years ago

Look at the rear pivot, obviously Horst link design. These guys are fearless, I can’t imagine Specialized not going after them.