Handlebar Jack bring out Saddle Jack & Tool Pack for Safer Repairs

Handlebar Jack, manufacturers of portable bicycle repair stands, have released a saddle cover named the Saddle Jack, intended to be used during a trail-side or road-side repair to protect your saddle from dirt and scratches. In parallel with the Saddle Jack launch comes the Tool Pack, made to carry the two Handlebar Jacks, the Saddle Jack, as well as all of the tools necessary for most basic repairs. 

Handlebar Jack Tool Pack and Saddle Jack

handlebar jack tripods bike repair stand portable

The Handlebar Jack wasn’t received all that well when it was announced back in 2019. Readers were a little perplexed as to why it was deemed necessary to keep the handlebar up off the ground during a repair. But, with the massive uptake of eBikes, the Handlebar Jack will likely make sense to a rapidly growing contingent of riders.

With many eBikes weighing in around 55 lbs (24 kg) or more, flipping the bike upside down puts a lot of pressure on the bar, and more importantly, the precious electronics mounted to it; think the control/display unit, GPS computers, lights, etc., many of which aren’t easily or cheaply replaced in the current climate. 

handlebar jack protects ebike electronics during upsidedown bike repairs

The Handlebar Jack simply props up the bar a few inches off the ground, so that those expensive items don’t have to sit in the dirt and/or risk snapping off under the weight of the eBike. 

handlebar jack tool pack

Now, Handlebar Jack are expanding their product line with a Tool Pack created specifically to carry the mini portable bike stand(s), as well as a saddle cover to prevent it getting scratched or torn when you flip the bike over. The Tool Pack is of a roll-up design, and is large enough to accomodate the two Handlebar Jacks, the Saddle Jack, as well as a multi tool and other tools necessary for basic trail-side repairs or adjustments.

handlebar jack tool pack stores jacks

The Tool Pack has two velcro straps that secure it to the saddle rails and the seat post. Though it is shown here attached to a dropper seat post, we wouldn’t recommend it for obvious reasons; the Tool Pack will prevent you getting full travel out of the dropper, and may even scratch the stanchion on the way down.

handlebar jack tool pack saddle bag

Pricing & Availability

Everything can be purchased as a bundle for $136.84 USD, including the Handlebar Jack v2, the Extender Kit, Reflective Stickers, the Saddle Jack and the Tool Pack. Alternatively, if you are already the happy owner of the Handlebar Jack, you can pick up the Saddle Jack for $29.95 USD and the Tool Pack $74.95 USD.

handlebarjack saddle jack cover


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