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Beach, Please: Check Out Handup’s Wild Spring 2023 Looks

man in hawaiian shirt grilling"Shrimp on the Barbie," New from Handup. Photos c. Handup
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You can now look fresher than ever in brand-new Handup gear. That’s because the brand dropped its spring 2023 collections this month.

Based in Chattanooga, Tenn., Handup has straddled the line between apparel company and tastemaker for years. From brightly-patterned full-finger gloves to bike-friendly button-ups and artist collabs, you can bet on looking your eclectic best in a Handup get-up.

handup beach please collection, layout

This spring brings four new collections covering gloves, t-shirts and button-ups, socks, and folding fenders. A dinosaur-themed kids’ glove lineup appears too, plus “copper” jorts and a couple of t-shirts.

The t-shirts are, well, exactly that. Handup says they’re “ready for hangin’ out.”

handup t-shirts

The collections are decidedly splashier.

What horse did you ride in on? For Handup, it’s the western-themed “Berms and Backsplashes” collection.

handup berms and backsplashes button-up and gloves

Peep the saloon-style lettering and intricate, retro-inspired floral pattern.

berms and backsplashes glove and t-shirt

Handup’s story: “It was Thanksgiving of ’97 that we looked up from the dish-ridden sink to see a newly installed backsplash. The “mesmerizing pattern has traveled through the wild west, to a humble east coast kitchen, and now, to a glove for you!”

a man golfing in a handup shirt

Saddle up, buckaroo.

If you’d rather keep it groovy, go back to the “Summer of Shreddy Nine.”

handup shreddy nine collection, laydown

Tie dye’s the name of the game in this (questionably-named) collection. What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding? This gear passes the vibe check, and that’s all that matters.

summer of shreddy nine jersey and short finger glove

Then there’s my personal favorite: “Shrimp on the Barbie.”

man grilling in a hawaiian shirt

One, dark florals can get it.

Moving on, it’s really, really hard to resist “The Hand Before Time.”

hand before time glove and fanny pack

Not only is it the best play on words in the spring lineup — even if it is emotionally wrenching beyond all reason — it’s an irresistibly cute pattern. Everybody loves dinosaurs, and why not imagine them lumbering around among saguaro cacti and palm trees?

handup dinosaur pattern gloves

It’s a chef’s kiss that this quick lineup comes in a kids’ version. RAWRRR!

handup gloves with RAWRRR on the palm

You thought Handup was done dropping drippy patterned threads? “Beach, Please.” (Don’t look at me like that — it’s what this spring’s last collection is called.)

handup beach please socks and glove

This one plays best on the fender, in my humble opinion, where the pattern’s big enough you can almost hear the waves lapping at the evening sand.

handup beach please fender

That’s it from Handup this spring. Unless you want to rock factory-frayed jorts that peanut butter brown. Yeah, definitely peanut butter. Or are somehow so square that you’d rather have gloves in a solid color like gray.

handup jorts and gray glove

Hey, they can’t all be winners. Especially not when you bring as much absolute noise as Handup does.


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1 year ago

The Handup jorts are amazing. Stretchy, good fit, perfect length. Awesome for a quick ride around the neighborhood or an impromptu jib session.

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