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Handup x Realtree Camo MTB collection makes you stand out — or blend in

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Do you love mountain biking through beautiful forests? Does your wardrobe have more camo-designed clothes than a 1980s action flick?

If yes to both, you might be the target audience for the latest collaboration between Handup and Realtree. The two outdoor apparel companies have teamed up to offer a new line of mountain biking goodies — all in camo.

Just as an aside — and perhaps a PSA — I don’t know whether I’d wear a camo kit mountain biking during hunting seasons, but to each their own.

Although Handup has released its own camo gloves for years, the company said Realtree has “developed some of the best camouflage patterns around.” To that end, Handup tapped Realtree’s Edge pattern for its latest collab.

If fact, these forest-themed designs are so convincing that sneaking up behind friends to scare the bejeezus out of them has never been easier.

The collection includes gloves, hats, button-up shirts, and jerseys — not to mention cargo bags and insulated beer can carriers. (Also in camo, just in case a friend tries to steal a brewski when you’re not looking.)

Finally, Handup hopes to remind you that Realtree’s camo patterns are made to look slightly different every time, so product photos will not reflect the exact design you receive.

gloves handup

Handup x Realtree gloves

Aside from the spiffy sticks-and-leaves print from Realtree, the product line still offers the features bikers expect from their gear.

Made primarily from leather, the gloves have 50+ UPF sun protection and ventilation holes in the palms for breathability. Glove palms also have silicone-printed graphics, which both companies claim will sustain their grip even on dirty handlebars.

They should also work on touchscreens, and the thumb has a “towel sweat cloth” for wiping your dirty face or goggles after a trek through muddy trails.

The gloves will set you back $29.

handup shirt and jersey

Handup x Realtree shirts and jerseys

With the Long Sleeve Lite Jersey, Handup and Realtree offer a lightweight polyester shirt for staying cool on hot days.

Shirts and jerseys come with 50+ UPF sun protection and stretchable fabric that feels “buttery smooth on skin,” according to Handup. It also has a crew neck collar.

For those looking to bike and stay casual, the Original Activewear Button-up offers the same stylish camo for both the trail and the BBQ afterward. It’s made from polyester and comes with 40+ UPF sun protection and breathable, sweat-wicking fabric.

Cost: $55 for the jersey and $49 for the button-up.

handup realtree cargo bag and beer bag

Cargo bags & beer bags

No mountain biking journey is complete without cold beer, as the collaboration’s YouTube commercial makes clear.

First off, we have the Stashers Hike & Bike Modular Insulted Adventure Bag, made to keep your drinks cold (or hot) up to four hours.

The plus-sized bag measures 31 x 17 cm, with a liner size of 13.5 cm and an inside bag measuring 15 cm. It can hold items up to 5″ in diameter, including standard fuel cans and Nalgene bottles.

But the bag also comes with enough padding to function as a camera-carrier with movable, padded inserts for lenses and camera bodies. There are two zippered side pockets and straps for attaching to bikes, kayaks, etc. For fork mounting, Anything Cages will work well.

If you only want to carry the necessities (beer), you can just get the Modular Insulated Hike & Bike Adventure Bags. They come in two sizes, one for three cans and another for four.

The insulated bags include a food-grade removable liner for transporting fruit, snacks, or ice. You can use the liner with the cans or remove it to carry cans with coozies.

The cargo bag costs $60, and the three-can and four-can bags cost $40 and $45, respectively.

Learn more on the company websites.

HANDUP.com and Realtree.com

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1 year ago

I can’t see my hands! Also, nice jorts!

Ernest Fitzgerald
Ernest Fitzgerald
1 year ago

Camo is just great in the wild – increases my chance of getting accidentally shot by a hunter.

1 year ago

Dustin Klein has been wearing Camo for a long time.

1 year ago

How to get shot during hunting season

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