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Happy Late April Fool’s? Timbuk2 Muttmover Backpack

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OK, it’s April 12th and I feel like we should be safe from all cycling-related April Fool’s-type-jokes, but I hesitated to post this until I had navigated through Timbuk2‘s website, all the way over to the cart page and hit “check out” before I was convinced that this wasn’t a total put on. A dog-specific bag? I mean, even Paris Hilton knows that a plain, old Gucci bag works just fine for transporting a Chihuahua. Of course that might be all she knows.

The Muttmover backpack is “Constructed in super durable waterproof fabric backed tarpaulin. Easy to wipe up any messes.” In the preceding sentence “waterproof” is used as a euphemism for “urine proof.” And “any messes” is, no doubt, a thinly veiled way of referring to defecation-related incidents. So basically, don’t put anything in the Muttmover backpack unless you are 100% OK with having it pooped on or peed on by an animal.

The pack is rated for dogs or cats up to 15lbs. A 15lb cat? That covers anything up to a (Thom is Googling…) about a Jaguarundi. So that’s good…if you have a large, pet jungle cat. What’s not so good is that, in the dog department, you are capped at a Dandie Dinmont Terrier (and no one wants to be capped at a Dandie Dinmont Terrier). This means you are restricted to transporting dogs that are small enough to view large sewer rats (and Jaguarundi’s) as natural predators. Limiting the capacity of the Muttmover to 15lb dogs is discrimination. Telling Chow Chows and Weimaraners that they can’t ride in your well ventilated, ergonomic, pooch pack is exactly like telling a 450lb man that he’s going to have to pay for two seats on an airplane.

Specs, price, and an entertaining video of the Muttmover in ACTION! After the break.

Muttmover Backpack

MSRP- $90

Width – 31.5cm

Height – 43.99cm

Depth – 14cm

Waterproof Tarpaulin black / black / black

  • Pack is sized for cats and dogs up to 15lbs.
  • Constructed in super durable waterproof fabric backed tarpaulin. Easy to wipe up any messes.
  • Zippered side mesh panels keep pooch well ventilated.
  • Lightweight ergonomic shoulder straps are designed to fit people, not robots
  • May lead to excessive high-fiving on your ride to work.
  • Tether with clip included to prevent pre-mutt-ular evacuation (recommended for harnesses only)
  • Dharma not included.

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12 years ago

This product is in response to the complaint that riding your dog in a basket on the handlebars is cruel and unsafe – as opposed to stuffing it in a bag that physically restrains it, forces it to sit in its own waste, and has the potential of smacking it’s head on the mirror of an SUV in traffic……..

12 years ago

the look on that dog’s face says ‘kill me now’

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