A helmet specific storage hook? Helmetor offers new hanging options for helmets

When two Irish brothers set out to make a bike helmet hanger that would work with the massive range of available helmet designs, they hit on a final design that came from an unexpected starting point: a wire coat hanger.

The result is Helmetor, a CAD-modeled plastic hook built to hang any bike helmet. The little fixture looks pretty ingenious, and highly utile: It’s unobtrusive, supposedly strong, and lets you hang helmets by the vents in a number of arrangements.


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But how strong are they? Helmetor said in-house testing included one brother, Tim, hanging his weight off one. Tim weighs 14 stone (or 196 lbs.), according to the duo.

We figure anyone who wants a 200-lb. test plastic bike helmet hook wants it for their own reasons. It’s not the capacity but the purpose-designed versatility of Helmetor that intrigues us.

The company said you can attach it to “most” flat surfaces vertically or horizontally. It works with both full-face and conventional helmets with vents from 30-65mm.

Want to carry a helmet on your handlebars, say when boarding public transit with your bike? There’s a version for that, too.


Mounting options indeed look plentiful. We’re especially psyched that you can apparently hang a helmet inside out on it — pulling on a bucket filled with swampy pads and clipping a wet strap under your chin has never been fun.

The hook joins the brothers’ other designs and attachments, which range from gear racks to tools (like a Sam Pilgrim tamper!) to mudguards. Grab a beanie or a sticker if you’re super psyched on Helmetor and want to show it off — or just think the stickers are cool. (We do.)

helmetor packaging

As of this writing, you can only get the Helmetor with the gray or blue plug, and all ship in recyclable packaging. MSRP: £10/$11.


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Ben Z
Ben Z
2 months ago

A much simpler option is a large 3M Command Utility hook. Plus, it’s significantly more affordable.
That, or a nail 😉

1 month ago
Reply to  Ben Z

Yes, $11 is a staggering cost.

1 month ago

Yet another solution to a problem that didn’t exist.