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High definition GoPro Action Camera mount designs from 9.Solutions & Rollei

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One of the challenges we have is trying to get a GoPro or Sony Action Cam mounted somewhere to create a unique point of view. Handlebar and helmet mounts are great and all, but we like variety. Fortunately, we found two new options offering just that, providing plenty of additional mounting points and angles worthy of your hero shots.

9.Solutions built a solid collection and, perhaps just as importantly, a slick little tool to ensure that completely terrible black plastic GoPro knob is actually tight enough to keep the camera from slipping into some killer coverage of the ground…


They make clamps that allow you to stick the camera on oddly shaped tubes, like fork legs and aero seatstays.


Their GoPro Kit contains a basic handlebar mount and the best accessory of all, the mounting tool. Use the allen wrench end to secure the mount to your bike, then use the BB tool-style toothed circle wrench to ratchet down GoPro’s plastic knob. Brilliant.


They also offer a 1/4-twenty thread to fit Sony’s Action Cam and others.


The company makes professional camera and light riggings, too, which trickle down to this clamp-on system to hold a bigger, heavier camera securely in place, too.


In a similar vein, Rollei’s collection of GoPro and other action camera mounts have a variety of attachment options. Their claim to fame is the SRS (Safe Release System) that creates a breakaway attachment. Clip a tree or hit the ground with your helmet? No problem, the camera will release so as not to cause additional strain on your neck or head. It’s also likely to help save your camera, too.



They also have a wide range of clamp styles to grab just about any shape and type of tube. The locking and tightening mechanisms are just as varied, from a quick release cam to threaded knobs to bolts.



They also make a motorized panoramic platform that’ll rotate the camera over extended time periods for killer time-lapse sequences, and a gimble mount for smoother handheld video that even incorporates a screen.

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8 years ago

The problem I have when using my GoPro (even on a road bike) is that the higher the center of gravity, the shakier the footage. In the top picture, mounted on the handlebar, it seems like the CG is really high, and I wonder how steady the footage would be. I use a K-Edge style mount for mine, and have found that to be the best for handlebar mounting. Footage has been the least shaky with that style of mount, and I like how you tighten it down with wrenches vs a finger-tightening knob. That’s really the best way to take out vibration, and keep the camera rock steady.

As an aside, the GoPro has got to be the worst camera shape for any action camera. A big fat box, are you kidding me? Teletubby much?

8 years ago

k-edge all the way… an outstanding mount…

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