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HJM’s dual-battery Transer Electric Cargo Bike is built to ride longer and haul more

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HJM Bike’s latest fat-tire e-bike is a testament to what well-designed bikes are capable of in a world that always seems so laser-focused on cars.

HJM Bike is a startup that aims to design and create professional electric bikes that suit all types of riders at affordable price points.

HJM Transer cargo e-bike

HJM Transer Cargo e-bike with rider and passenger.
The HJM Transer Cargo e-bike features a dual-battery design that increases its range.

Their first two models, the Toury and Toury Step-Thru, feature front suspension and 26X4.0 all-terrain tires ideal for riding on a wide variety of surfaces.

The company’s latest model, the Transer Cargo E-Bike, takes a good deal of the tech and versatility of the Toury lineup, but tacks on features that make it a highly functional electric bike with a passenger seat, or a go-anywhere gear hauler capable of traversing serious distance.

HJM's Transer Cargo E-Bike Electric Cargo Bike features detail shot.
HJM’s Transer Cargo E-Bike Electric Cargo Bike features footplates for passengers, integrate lights and an LCD display to monitor performance.

The Transer is built around monolithic, one-piece frame with an incorporated rear rack that can hold a variety attachments, including cargo cages, child seats and more. A front rack also is available to seriously increase capacity.  The total payload capacity of the bike comes out to 480 pounds, making it a rival for gas-guzzlers typically needed to carry essentials like groceries across town.

Complimentary footplates and side-stepping boards are included with each bike to make them passenger-ready  family cargo bike straight out of the gate. They also come equipped with integrated front, rear, brake and turn signal lights to improve safety in urban environments.

HJM Transer Cargo e-bike with rider and passenger.
The HJM Transer Cargo e-bike is amiable with a from storage rack and other accessories that increase its capacity.

Opposed to the off-road-oriented Toury, the Transer is rigid throughout, making it an efficient road and city rider.

The bike is powered by a 48-volt, 750-watt motor and an LG 48-volt 15A battery that can run for more than 45 miles on a single charge.

Riders can monitor their mileage, battery charge, pedal-assist level, speed and lights through a full-color LCD display that is easily visible in the sun or at night, and is waterproof and rustproof.

HJM Transer Cargo e-bike closeup side view.
The HJM Transer Cargo e-bike features a Shimano seven-speed drivetrain with five levels of pedal assistance.

The dual-battery design of the bike allows for a second battery to be mounted just behind the crankset, doubling the distance the bike can go. One battery comes with each bike, but buyers can pick up the second for $100 off when they buy them together.

The Transer features a Shimano 1 x 7-speed drivetrain with a range of 14 to 34t, with intelligent pedal assist technology that offers riders five different levels of assistance, including a walk feature the makes strolling along side the bike significantly easier.

The Complete HJM Transer Cargo E-Bike sells for MSRP $2,699. With a second battery, it goes for MSRP $3,099.

Boy riding the HJM Transer Cargo e-bike in a neighborhood.
The HJM Transer Cargo e-bike is available starting at MSRP $2,699.

Other parts available to dial in the bike’s setup for families or commuting include an insulated basket bag available for MSRP $59, a quick-release front rack available for MSRP $65, a quick-release basket for MSRP $75 and more.

HJM Transer Cargo e-bike insulated bag mounted on bike.
The HJM Transer Cargo e-bike is available with a wide variety of accessories to handle a variety of cargo.


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Tony Pepperoni
Tony Pepperoni
2 years ago

That is half the price as other cargo long tail EBikes…!! What’s the torque capability of the motor?

William Peterson
William Peterson
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Pepperoni

In hubs are usually 60 to 100nm, so about 50 to 74 ft/lbs

2 years ago

Where do you go when the motor stops working?

2 years ago

No way those are 26″ tires

2 years ago
Reply to  Derik

It says the Toury, the off-road model, has 26″ tires. These tires on the cargo look like 20″.

Jerry dorinski
1 year ago

Do you have handle bars that sweep backwards where you hold them

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