There are a few calendars floating around out there that picture scantily clad women and bikes, but few of them include the use of some of the fastest women in the mountain biking world as their models. Each rider is tastefully juxtaposed in black and white, shot by Photographer Daniel Geiger, against a color image of themselves killing it on a bicycle. The vertically hanging, double sided calendars are available from Fair Wheel Bikes for $50, but in limited quantity so if you want one, you had better act fast.

Get a sneak peek at the calendar after the jump.


2014 Cyclepassion Athletes

  • Angie Hohenwarter (Austria)
    • September, December
  • Dana Elena Schweika (Germany)
    • April, August
  • Hannah Barnes (Scotland)
    • March, June
  • Helen Grobert (Germany)
    • May, October
  • Nadine Rieder (Germany)
    • February, July
  • Miki Iibata (Japan)
    • January, November

02- February



  1. Samantha on

    Come on, ladies. There’s nothing “tasteful” about this shoot. You’re too badass for this trash. Demand respect from your performance, not from how you look in tacky makeup and heels.

  2. pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking on

    Dig the chicks but not sure lm liking the Mad Max sort of things. Atm is more my thing and many of them are from Europe and that normal there l think…..

  3. greg on

    ATM?! i think that’s a bit much for a calendar… hard to- i mean difficult to lay out the sequence of events in that medium too.

  4. BioP on

    Thanks for the link Chris,

    It’s always nice to be reminded some people still thinks of women as humans instead of pieces of meat. Thanks bike rumor and all you other sexist pricks for the douche comments and dehumanizing articles.

  5. CBontheEVO on

    Oh please. Nobody forced these women into doing these shoots. Who’s really being used here? The models or the guys paying $50 for a calendar? Give me a break.

  6. Out for a Ride on


    In general I want to agree with your thinking, but you misused the word “still”. You insinuate that women weren’t objectified in the past but are being more so now. I don’t know what kind of past you are thinking of, but most of us visiting this site live in a culture that shuns multiple bought wives and is more supportive of self sufficient women than ever before.

    What I do see in your comment is general regurgitation of a women’s movement mantra which doesn’t support critical thinking and the movement itself (such as focusing on the direct positive correlation between the support of women’s rights and general health of a society). Don’t take my comments as combative; I would just like to make steps forward rather than dwell on a calendar on a bicycle site.

  7. Matthew on

    Not interested in this at all. In a day where the pro ladies are fighting for equal payouts and the amateur ladies are fighting to grow their field size while fighting a stereotype that cycling is 100% testosterone, this trash sets them backwards years, if not decades.

    Bikerumor, you’re better than this.

  8. DRC on

    Feminists of bikerumor, please get over yourselves. The people talking about objectifying women and setting them back in life is laughable. Betcha they weren’t forced to do this shoot, and even got paid for it.

    I think it’s awesome to see this type of calendar. Athletes work damn hard to keep themselves in shape, why is it wrong to show that off? If it were a bunch of male athletes with their shirts off showing all kinds of abs, nobody would be complaining.

  9. Robin on

    As a female engineer in the bike industry, I love you guys and this comment section. Seriously, heartwarming.

    Those of you defending it, answer these questions. Is every woman who is competing also hot enough to be in this calender? What about the others who may have different standards for themselves and not want to be in the calender? Also, those who say they weren’t forced to do this, here is another question: Who set up the system whereby women are paid less, get less press, etc?

    Doing things like this may be the difference between them having enough money to race or not. When it is a choice between their dignity and racing (if posing goes against their own internal view of what is appropriate) I think it is sad they even have to think about that trade-off. Do the men have to make that choice? No.

  10. DRC on

    Is every woman competing hot enough to be in the calendar? Technically, yes! The focal point in these pictures is not the face, so I don’t think they chose those girls for their ‘natural beauty’. What I’m looking at is a bunch of hot bodies that they WORKED for. And because other women that may not have a nice body whine and complain about it, these hot girls shouldn’t be allowed to pose for a calendar?

    You are talking about a world where women compete to win races. So I guess all those women that tried to win should get the same prize and reward money as the winner? Nobody should be better than anyone else on the track, just like nobody should be hotter than anyone else and allowed to pose in a calendar??

    And I bet those women that don’t want to be in the calendar AREN’T IN THE CALENDAR! But according to you, they should get paid the same as the women that are.

  11. DRC on

    Also, as far as the ‘women don’t get paid the same amount’ argument…

    Look at professional sports as a whole. What percentage of those athletes are women? And what do you think the viewer ratings are like for men’s vs women’s sports? It’s all about selling tickets and selling advertising, sorry to say. Do you think women’s sports make near as much money as men’s sports?? Not even close. Let me know the next time you are at a WNBA game that is sold out. So you want those women to be paid as much as the guys are that bring in wayyyyy more money?? Doesn’t sound like a great business case.

    I’m not downing women’s sports or female athletes at all, but those are the facts.

    Oh, and sorry to say but being an attractive female athlete will get you better ratings, whether you are great at your sport or not.

  12. debs on

    I love that so many guys stick up for a world where women aren’t objectified & I like my bike porn to be just bikes too. However, I have to say it’s a free world, sometimes you just have to accept that we are all different. I am certain that if any of these girls didn’t want to do this, even at the cost of financing their racing career (which we all admit isn’t always easy), Im telling ya, they just wouldn’t do it. End of! Someone mentioned in comment that they weren’t necessarily the prettiest girls from the industry but that they have been selected for the sheer quality of their bodies & at the end of the day, that’s what they are, high quality athletes just enjoying the bodies that they’ve worked so hard for & reaping a little reward at the same time. If that’s what they want to do, then I say it’s their body, their life. Nobody bats an eye at the near naked calendars of someone like David Beckham- why is it titillation when it’s for women to look at but it’s sordid if it’s of a woman. I’m secure enough in myself to let others be & secure enough in my relationship to get a calendar for my partner’s birthday. If anything these girls inspire me to want to up my own game & what’s wrong with that?


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