If you’re already uploading photos, ride details, and logging every ride on Strava, you might be also interested in the Klimat app. Clearly geared towards the Strava super users out there, Klimat is essentially a Strava plug in that will automatically include the weather data for your ride within your Strava feed – but how much data is provided depends on the version.

How's the weather? Klimat app bundles ride conditions into your Strava feed

Divided into two versions, the Free app provides the basics with the weather conditions from the start of the ride or activity. It also gives you the most basic customization in terms of language and units of measurement.

The Premium version runs $5 a year and adds weather conditions from the end of your activity as well as the beginning. It also provides access to all of the weather data including things like Activity Feel (which is calculated based on activity and weather data), humidity, UV index, and more. Premium will also give you the ability to more finely tune the information displayed and removes all branding from each post.

Both the Free and Premium versions post the weather data right into the Strava feed on your phone – no need to go to the Strava website to find it. This is one of the key benefits to the app compared to the temperature readings on your Garmin or GPS device.

Created by a software engineer that happens to be a cyclist and a former motorcycle racer, the app’s founder Scott promises that your personal data will not be sold and you can revoke access to the app at any time. And if you’re wondering, ‘Klimat’ apparently means ‘climate’ in Swedish, similar to how ‘Strava’ means ‘strive’ in the same language.



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3 years ago

This is something that I wanted to have since I started using Strava. After all, it is not the distance, not the elevation that is often the main thing to tackle on a bike, but weather.