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Huck Norris release 3 new MegaNorris MTB tire inserts; Toast, Sandwich & Hamburger

hucknorris meganoriis mtb tire inserts toast sandwich hamburger for xc trail enduro downhill disciplines
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Huck Norris have today launched their new line of MegaNorris MTB dual compound tire inserts for XC, Enduro and Downhill. The Toast, Sandwich and Hamburger inserts claim to offer both rim protection and pinch-flat protection in addition to helping smooth the ride. So, what are the differences between the delicacies, and which ones should you get?

MegaNorris Tire Inserts

meganorris installation rolling direction front rear wheels ladder design

The big difference between the new MegaNorris inserts and the original Huck Norris is the width. The new improved shape is said to cover a wider rim area. The “ladder” design offers protection to the central area but keeps the weight down where possible.

Huck Norris don’t put any numbers on this but… they say the MegaNorris inserts are just better overall compared to the previous generation of inserts. So, why is that?

That can be attributed to the new layering system employed. The Sandwich and Hamburger tire inserts feature a dual-density compound of differing ratios, optimised to suit the needs of enduro and downhill disciplines.

install meganorris tire insert dual compound orientation hard layer on rim

On the Sandwich model, a hard layer interfaces with the rim while a softer layer interfaces with the tire. As you might imagine, the hard layer is there to protect the rim and help prevent pinch flats while the softer layer provides a level of small bump compliance. Some degree of side wall support is offered but, as the insert sits between the rim beads, it does allow for some tire roll.

meganorris 29" tire insert mtb cut down to 27.5" 26" wheel sizes

The inserts are composed of a closed-cell foam which does not absorb tire sealant. Huck Norris state that 60ml of sealant should be sufficient for any wheel size. All the MegaNorris tire inserts come in 29er length, but you just cut them down to size with scissors upon installation for 27.5″ and 26″ wheels.

install meganorris mtb tire insert

All three models are available in two widths. The 55mm version is recommended for internal rim widths of 28mm-34mm, while the 60mm version is recommended for internal rim widths of 33mm-40mm.

Unlike other tire inserts such as CushCore and Rimpact, the MegaNorris inserts are said to not require special tire insert-specific tubeless valves.

XC and Trail: Toast

meganorris toast cross country mtb tire insert soft layer only

The MegaNorris Toast tire insert is recommended for XC (front and rear) and Trail (front only) riding. It features only the soft layer of protection and is the lightest offering.

  • Toast 55mm: 125g
  • Toast: 60mm: 141g

Trail and Enduro: Sandwich

meganorris sandwich mtb tire insert trail enduro riding dual layer compound pinch-flat protection vibration damping

The MegaNorris Sandwich tire insert is recommended for Trail and (light) Enduro riding. It features the dual-layer compound protection and weighs a claimed 200g per insert.

  • Sandwich 55mm: 200g
  • Sandwich 60mm: 220g

Enduro and Downhill: Hamburger

downhill tire insert meganorris hamburger has dual compound smoot ride pinch flat protection

The MegaNorris Hamburger tire insert is recommended for hard Enduro Racing and Downhill. It’s the thickest and heaviest tire insert featuring the highest level of rim and pinch-flat protection, weighing a claimed 250g per insert. Notice that the Hamburger has two layers of the hard compound with a layer of the soft compound set between them.

  • Hamburger 55mm: 250g
  • Hamburger 60mm: 280g

Pricing & Availability

hucknorris meganoriis mtb tire inserts toast sandwich hamburger for xc trail enduro downhill disciplines

The MegaNorris MTB tire inserts are available through their network of retailers now. Pricing below.

  • Toast: 44.50€
  • Sandwich: 53.50€
  • Hamburger: 64.50€


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Brian Bradley
Brian Bradley
3 years ago

Some kids pee their name in the snow. Huck Norris can pee their name into concrete.

3 years ago

Leeroyyyyyy Jeeeeeeenkins!!!!!

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