Huffy Warhawk 29 plus 3

You know a new wheel size has made it when you start to find them in local department stores. Remember the first WalMart 29ers? Fixed GearsFat Bikes? Being able to pick up your newest bicycle along with a 24 pack of white tube socks, some lawn furniture, and a box of Twinkies doesn’t have to be reserved for your run of the mill 26″ wheels any more. Now you can find bikes of all types in the sporting goods section (next to the toys) – even plus size bikes thanks to a new range from Huffy.

In all seriousness, we’ve heard from many sources that plus size tires could be the future of mountain bikes for beginner and intermediate riders. If that’s the case, then the new Huffys are probably just the beginning…

huffy torch 29 plus 3

Photos c. Huffy

You gotta hand it to Huffy – not only are they offering plus size tires, but they are offering them in 26, 27.5, and 29″ wheels. Of course, that seems to be their only sizing mechanism with a one-size-fits-most frame on each of the models, but it is interesting to see all the tire sizes represented.

The 29×3.0 bikes are available in both the top end Warhawk 3.0 with disc brakes for $249, and the rim brake Torch 3.0 for $199. Both feature a steel frame, though the Warhawk’s is at least hydroformed, a “suspension fork” and a Shimano 21 speed drivetrain.

huffy vantagae 3 27 plus huffy tyrant 3 26 plus

The 26×3.0 Tyrant sells for $179.99, and the 27.5×3.0 Vantage bumps that up to $189.99. Both are rim brake  only and use a steel frame with a suspensions fork. No mention is made of rim width, just that these will all come with 3.0″ tires.

We’re not exactly sure what the angle is for the “Be the Motor” video, but it would seem they are either referring to dirt bikes, E-bikes, or both. Realistically they are probably just trying to make the bikes seem cool by adding the sound effects of a motor and pretend throttles, but we’ll let you be the judge…

H/T to Mikey


  1. Sully on

    I believe “Be the Motor” is encouraging the rider to power their own bike (with physical exertion), and is not hinting at electric or anything similar (yet). But that was my impression.

    The video did a good job not showing anything you shouldn’t do on a Huffy. No jumps, no going down curbs, no skidding, no anything. Just riding on flat smooth dirt.

  2. WV Cycling on

    When going into LARGE Wal-Mart stores, it is always fun seeing what budget bikes are in there. When the fatbikes first came in, I was so tempted to slap $200 down just to try one out.

    Gotta hand it to them.

  3. IcycleBay on

    I don’t know where anyone is going to find any of those tube sizes in a long stem schrader valve. I look forward to seeing college freshmen riding on top of two barely inflated gigantic black slugs.

  4. NotAMachinist on

    Thinking back to the first mountain bikes, those Huffy’s are probably only a little heavier and shift and brake better too. Sure, they aren’t aimed at this crowd, but the engineering has trickled a long way down. I wonder if one of these would last a full season of riding.

    For fun go out to the Huffy website and look at the hard tails with a “Lightweight aluminum dual suspension frame”


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