If you have ever tried to identify an old frame or rebuild a vintage bike to spec, you know how valuable an original catalog can be. Now, one website is out to create a PDF database of every bicycle catalog it can get its hands on, and is now the largest database online. With over 1000 catalogs in PDF form, Birota.Ru is finding, scanning, and hosting as many catalogs as they can find. The files are sorted by company name and year, and available for download as ZIP files, which expand into either JPG or PDF format.

We found this cool Colnago cover from 1988, just one of many very cool vintage catalogs in the database. The entire database is hosted here, but they ask that you only take what you need and don’t try to download the entire collection just for fun.We poked around for a bit and put a couple of our favorite vintage  finds after the break.

Special thanks to Daniil Kuznetsov for running the database and pointing this out!




  1. leo ballesteros on

    Hi ! I just bought an old vintage bike I want to restore but I have no idea what brand and year it is can anyone help me id it!?


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