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IB13: 2Toms Offers Fresh Take on Preventing Blisters, Chafing, and Odors

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2toms Butt shield chamois cream20130918_0122

Vegas is a big place, one where you meet all kinds of people – sometimes when you’re not expecting it. Case in point, running into the 2Toms crew on the monorail on the way back from Dirt Demo. Having never heard of 2Toms, I asked what it was and promised to show up to their booth the next day. As it turns out, 2Toms has a number of products that may have you reaching for them in the near future.

Ready for an alternative to chamois cream? Check it out after the break.

2toms Butt shield chamois cream20130918_0123

2Toms started out with Blister Shield, a powder formulated to prevent blisters. The military has been their biggest customer as Navy Seals and such needed a friction barrier that was waterproof, heat proof, saltwater proof, won’t melt, and lasts all day. The powder is great for shoes and gloves.

From there Sport Shield was created which is a roll on chafing and blister preventer. Sport Shield then evolved into their cycling product – butt shield. The amusingly named butt shield is essentially sport shield but with odor protection and is available in both roll on and single use wipes.

2toms Butt shield chamois cream20130918_0121

New this year from 2toms is their Stink Free line – both a spray and detergent. Both claim to be anti-bacterial to kill the odors caused by sweat in your gear. The spray is applied directly to your smelly gear while the detergent is used in place of other detergents in the wash.

Pre testing the 2Toms Stink Free Spray on Nick’s shoes in Vegas – an extremely worthy test subject.

Stay tuned for a review of all products to see how they stack up against the claims

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10 years ago

But I love blisters, chafing, and odors!

S. Molnar
S. Molnar
10 years ago

“The spray is applied directly to your smelly gear.” Does that mean clothing or is it a slang expression?

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