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IB13: Be Seen, Be Prepared, and Be Green with new Bags from Ortlieb

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Ortlieb Hi Viz White Collection 20130918_0180

Hi Viz yellow seemed to be in high demand at Interbike, and for good reason – for cyclists in urban environments, it is a very visible color which can help you stay alive. In Ortlieb’s new High Visibility line, the color plays a crucial role, but isn’t the only player in keeping you safe.

Check out the High Visibility’s hidden talents after the jump.

Ortlieb Hi Viz White Collection 20130918_0181

Inside this display, the black housing contained a dark room that was set up to display the reflective features of the High Visibility line. Unfortunately, the way it was set up meant that a photo wasn’t possible so the flash/non flash photos will have to do. Just know that the flash photo above doesn’t do the reflective nature of the bags any justice at all. Thanks to the reflective fabric stitching woven into the bags, when they’re hit with a light in the dark, there is no mistaking them. Reflective thread is seeing more and more use in bicycling applications for good reason – it’s fairly innocuous during the day, but stands out at night.

Ortlieb Hi Viz White Collection 20130918_0179

The other color story for Ortlieb is the black and white series. While it offers a sharp style that is still fairly visible, the real story is in the fabric. Many of Ortliebs bags over the years have used PVC, which is awesomely durable and waterproof, but terrible for the environment to produce. The White series is one of the first to turn away from PVC to an environmentally friendly tarp or canvas material that is still just as durable and waterproof.

Ortlieb Hi Viz White Collection 20130918_0177

If you’re looking to carry more gear but can’t or don’t want to use a traditional saddle bag, Ortlieb is offering these new seat post bags that use the same roll top enclosure as their newer quick release saddle bag micros. Simply roll the top up then fasten the two cords around the posts on the side of the bags which provides both easy access and a waterproof compartment.

Ortlieb Hi Viz White Collection 20130918_0178

The bags feature a quick release ratcheting strap on the seat post clamp to support up to 3.3 lbs (s) or 5.5 lbs for the medium bag. In addition to the internal storage, the seatpost bags have a bungee cord on the top for stashing a jacket and have a slot on the rear to clip a light. The only downside is the instructions state that if you have a carbon seatpost it equals a skull and cross bones for death and it is not ok (meaning these are for metal seatposts only).

Ortlieb Hi Viz White Collection 20130918_0173 Ortlieb Hi Viz White Collection 20130918_0174

Finally, Ortlieb is offering a number of new back packs including the Cor 13 and AirFlex11. The Cor 13 is a waterproof bag for any outdoor activities, with a Tizip closure and a padded foam back that allows air to flow through. The AirFlex is more of a cycling back pack with a roll closure Flex Wire system and air pads on the back pannel. The packs are 13 and 11 liters respectively and are hydration system compatible. Conveniently, Ortlieb USA is distributing a number of other products in the US, including Source Hydration – an impressive hydration bladder system from a company based in Israel.


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arthur moses
10 years ago

bags are suitable for cycling tour because of large capacity, the color that is easily seen from a distance, it is helpful to recognize the participants

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