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We all know the logo above.  It can conger up many different response as well.  The MASHSF crew hits one demographic, while the high end carbon and steel find homes with a completely different set.  Now the Bootleg Hobo adds a third.  Introduced earlier this summer, the Hobo is part of the Cinelli Bootleg project which combine features of different bikes to break out of the mold of what a specific bike can do.  In this case, the Hobo slots between a commuter, road bike, cyclocross bike, and long distance touring rig.

For Hobo build details and track bike updates, Mash past the break.

Cinelli Bootleg Hobo


The frame is made from Columbus Cromor tubing, with a Columbus Cr-Mo steel 1 1/8th fork up front.  You get a Sora derailleur in the front, with a Deore in the rear, actuated by Microshift bar end shifters.  Front gearing runs 26 / 36 / 48 on an FSA crank, and the rear cassette is a 9 speed 13 – 34t affair.  The wheel set consists of Alex rims mated to Shimano Deore hubs, is wrapped in Vittoria 38mm Randonneur Trail tires, and those are slowed by Tektro cantis.  Yeah, we’re bummed to that it doesn’t have disc brakes too.  For added value, the bike comes stock with Tubus front and rear steel (Read: repairable) racks, as well as fenders.  Fully built, the bike runs $1849.

Cinelli Mash Parallax

The new MASH Parallax gets a 58mm drop, and 75 degree seat angle for an aggressive bike.  It has also been updated with a 1.5 “tapered steerer tube, and a scary 28mm fork rake.  This thing should eat up the velodrome and help destroy others at a Red Hook crit.  It really embodies pure speed, and has a killer graphics package to match.

Cinelli Zydeco Disc Cross Bike

The Zydeco cyclocross bike has been updated with disc brakes.

Cinelli Vigorelli

A new colorway was present for the Vigorelli.

Cinelli Mash Histogram Silver

This silver Histogram was present as well.



  1. jon jon on

    what really bugs me is that HED doesn’t just sell their Stinger hoops by itself, and yet some how they manage to laced up 3 sets for the RHC in Barcelona. I honestly would love to run HED hoops on some other hub options.

  2. kasual on

    Wow, let me get a much nicer All-City space horse for $1450 complete over that bootleg hobo. Sorry, I don’t feel like paying a premium for columbus tubes and the cinelli logo on it (and some racks, I’ll choose my own, thanks). Back to the price > value drawing board there..

  3. badbikemechanic on

    @kasual Have fun with your souless qbp bike named after globalization. WTF is All city? Cinelli is independently owned and operated out of milano.

  4. Speedy on

    @badbikemechanic – All-City – soulless, I think not. If you had met the people that run that brand (owed by QBP or not) you would not be saying this. They are some of the most legit industry people I know, and they have a serious passion for what they do. They produce a great product, and an even better price (probably because they aren’t independently owed).

  5. rocket on

    @Jon Jon The HED wheels were running HED track hubs on the Cinelli booth, you can buy them in Red Black or Silver laced to whatever depth HED rim you want

  6. Nick on

    uhh, like the canti’s on the Hobo, not every shop stocks BB5 (or BB7) brake pads…

    and love the bro-paint on the Vigorelli. Fo’ reals.

  7. McClain M on

    @badbikemechanic, I don’t agree with you, and I’m a part of “everyone”; therefor, you are dead wrong. All-city’s products are just as legit as Cinelli, and their staff, irrespective of their affiliation with the big Q, is small, independent, and just as in-tune with the throes of the bike industry. It’s all made in Taiwan anyways, so what’s the big deal? My dad can beat up your dad! Ha! Laughable immature bullstuff being thrown around on here just makes my day.

  8. badbikemechanic on

    @Mcluvin. I didn’t want it to come done to this. Where is All city’s pro tour bike? where is All city’s carbon rig? where is All city’s Italian superstar legacy? and most of all where is All City’s Keith Harring bike? They are not as legit as Cinelli- All City’s are just Chinese rebranded garbage like their sister QBP fake bike brand Foundry. I still stand by my original statement Cinilli is bad ass. [deleted]

  9. Mitch on

    Cinelli is like that brand of clothes that you think is really cool and exclusive, then one day you’re perusing the sale racks of your regional price-slasher store with questionable merch, and you find a whole trove of Cinelli’s. Why is this you wonder? Because Cinelli is a shell of the company it used to be.
    Cinelli’s original business model has been compromised and now they’re floating on both the reputation they once had, and misguided urbanites who wanna bust skidzzz and buy a Cinelli cycling cap because it’s cool.

    That said, I love my All City. It’s a swell bike and it rides nifty.

  10. Badbikemechanic on

    Cinelli has done a swell job carving out a niche market in the era of consolidation. Cinelli has a very high end line for racers, and an urban line for hipsters and citysters. They also have pro kits and parts. All city has qbp. Bike store boys on this board love that stupid brand because all city is non dealer and they can ugly bikes at cost. I am glad your bike serves it’s essential function bro.

  11. Adam2 on

    Re: “Yeah, we’re bummed to that it doesn’t have disc brakes too.”

    Sorry Nick, you aren’t speaking for me here. I’m glad it has cantis.

    If the purpose of this bike is to slot “between a commuter, road bike, cyclocross bike, and long distance touring rig”, and you look at the groupo and the tubing, you’ll see a bike that has been purposefully designed to be repairable, have interchangeable parts, and easy to maintain, no matter the conditions or use. Disc brakes are finicky, proprietary, and parts are not always available.

    The inclusion of cantis actually enhances the specific purpose of this bike by making it less prone to mechanical failure or maladjustment, easy to repair, and easy to replace parts, anywhere. Hell – you could walk into a Walmart and replace these brake pads!

    But! I will give you this: disc mounts, on the front and rear, would have been a nice inclusion to future-proof this bike and provide ‘upgrade’ options, if people wanted.


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