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If you haven’t noticed, Plus size bikes are rapidly gaining traction, both literally and figuratively. Like many new wheel or tire sizes though, the first wave of options were pretty limited as manufacturers attempted to feel out the market. As more riders investigate the curiosities, they’re finding the need for more aggressive tires – something a few companies like Vee Tire Co. are happy to oblige…

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Borrowing from their line of enduro mountain bike tires, the Crown Gem gets supersized for a new 27.5×3.0″ option. Available with or without the Synthesis Sidewall protection, the 120 tpi tires use their silica rubber compound and have a claimed weight of 910/920g. The standard tire will sell for $90, with the Synthesis version at $100.

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One of the few non-plus tires that are new, the Rail Tracker is meant to be their fast XC tread. Offered in 27.5×2.2 and 29×2/2.2″ the dual compound tires are offered in standard, Synthesis, and B-Proof (aramid belted) Synthesis casings. Pricing ranges from $52.90-$59.90.

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In addition to the Trax Fatty 27.5+ and 29+ tires that were already offered, Vee is expanding the Trax Fatty range to include 26×3.0 for $55/65 for MPC (multi purpose compound) or SC (Silica Compound). Other additions to their Plus collection include 27.5×2.8/3.0 and 29×3.25″ Bulldozers ($85-100) as well as Speedsters in 26×2.8 ($65), 27.5×3.0($85), and 29×2.8($85).

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Finally, if sherbet colored fat bike tires are your thing, in addition to the white Pure Silica Mission Command compound, now Multi Purpose Compounds will be available in pink, orange, and green for $90 each.


  1. Rocky Gardeno on

    The whole idea of a plus tire is increased traction due to contact patch, if that then treads should/could be less aggressive and smoother rolling to help overcome the added weight plus tires bring

  2. Tim with Vee Tire Co. on

    @Kris New production runs with tires arriving now through the fall have had the corner tread knobs/casing revised and this should no longer be an issue! We appreciate consumers having patience with us as we refine some of our models – if anyone has ever experienced an issue with any of our tires please reach out to us at sales AT, with proof of purchase, photo/description of your issue and we’d be happy to take care of you. Thanks!


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