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Integrated tools make leaving the pack at home easier, but they also guarantee you’re always prepared for that next mechanical. However, it isn’t often that adding tools to your bike can make it lighter, but technically that’s exactly the case with Industry Nine’s new Matchstix thru bolts. By removing the quick release function of the thru axles, Industry Nine was able to make a lighter axle that when loaded up with tools, results in a net loss of weight…

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Based around 15mm thru axles, Matchstix don’t completely remove the ability to take out the axle, but instead rely on a removable lever that is used to thread the axle in or out. Since the lever is removable, only one is needed and will fit on both the front and rear thru bolts. Held in place with o-rings and the hex tool, the lever will stay in place until you really pull on it.

Eventually available in two levers, one will have a chain tool built in while the lighter one will go without.

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On the other side of the axle, the 15mm diameter provides enough room for a stash of steel tool bits that can be plugged into the handle for allen, torx, and screw driver fittings. Held in place with a rubber tube, the bits won’t rattle around, but the slits allow for single bits to be removed without emptying the whole sleeve. As an added bonus, the chain tool version will also include storage for a master link. The hex fitting in red above is for the tool bit that is needed to drive the pin of the chain tool. The lever even includes a spoke wrench on the outside as well.

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Weighing the 15×100 and one of the 12mm rear axles, the 39g and 34g weights highlight the savings. The fully loaded tool axle comes in at 98g, which is a net savings of around 30g when used with the rear axle according to Industry Nine.

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Initially to be available in Fox and RockShox 15×100 and 15×110 front and Maxxle 12×142/148/150, Maxxle 12×157/ABP 12×142/148/150, and Syntax X12 rear, thru bolts and levers will be offered in all 11 standard Industry Nine colors. Pricing for the made in the U.S. thru bolts is set for $55 for the front without tools and $65 for the rear, with the tools sold separately with pricing and availability TBD.



  1. Dave on

    Having the removal lever held in place only with a friction O-ring sounds like a good way to have it pop off and get lost. A more secure fastening method is really needed.

    Also, since the chain tool is in the lever handle and the lever holds the various driver bits what do you use to operate the chain tool’s screw press? You would have to carry a separate Allen key.

  2. CDG on

    @Dave…if you look closely at pic #4, it looks like the red piece (with the PowerLink) could hold a hex bit. Maybe the intent, is for you to use that…I guess?

  3. Michael on

    Really? It’s not like mini tools weigh that much. And they clearly aren’t targeting weight weenie roadies
    I would rather carry a functional mini tool, that is ready to use;
    than fumble around with a bunch of small bits that are really no fun to use.

  4. Jasen on

    @Michael: it’s not only about the weight. Just the fact that you do not have to take those bits in your pockets every time means you can’t forget it. It’s also nice to have as less equipment as possible in your pockets during racing (i.e. marathon mtbiking, sportives etc).

  5. JP on

    Pinkbike said the tools cost an additional $95 on top of the $120 you are paying for the axles… about the only thing that would hold me back from buying this set up

  6. Eric Hansen on

    This was the coolest thing at Interbike, full stop. Worries about the handle popping off during a ride are unfounded. The handle is also retained by the 5mm bit it is using to drive the axle in and out. It’s very solidly attached, and anything slapping it out would also have to deal with the fork stanchion you clocked it against when installing the wheel.

  7. McClain on

    Flipping awesome. Since I just recently set up my new Warbird this is the one thing I couldn’t find (for a reasonable price and/or made in America, at least). Will buy ASAP

  8. mark on

    How about using something less common than an Allen head to remove/install the axle. Using a 5 sided bit would make more sense and better security.

  9. Ajax on

    Photos do not do this product any good. There needs to be a video. I understand the idea, and it is a GREAT concept. This manufacturer needs help marketing this product and getting it to the big distributors and eventually the bike shops. I have seen lots of great products fail, and this one will be all forgotten by this time next year if they don’t increase their marketing.

  10. FoolCyclist on

    So, I have to take my wheel off to adjust my derailleur or tighten my stem bolt? Um, sure, seems logical and way faster than pulling a tool out of my pack.

  11. MaraudingWalrus on


    I don’t think I9 has ever had problems with their relatively small amount of marketing. They make incredibly good stuff, and people know about them. They’ll be alright. When was the last time you saw Thomson or Chris King go all out on advertising?

  12. Ajax on

    MasquaringWalrus, listen to what Eric is responding to. People don’t know exactly how to use this product. These manufacturers need to get a brain and put together a video. It’s a super product, but it’s worthless if people don’t know what is being offered. It takes a kid 10 seconds to make a video on a smartphone, but a company can’t do one to save their lives. This product is going down if they don’t get the explanation, or video, out in an easy to understand way.

  13. speedraceratl on

    All I saw this at Interbike. It is really good stuff and no video is needed. Chaintool is operated with the axle. Also if you need more leverage than what the handle offers the axle connects to the handle for more leverage.
    Don’t need those torx or hex sizes? Add your own…Simple

    Also the handle is not held on by an o-ring it is a circlip.

    I believe this product will sell itself…once you see it you will want it. Nuff Said


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