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IB15: Timbuk2 Protects your Backside and Wants your Wine to Make the Commute Safely

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Timbuk 2 IB15-6

Timbuk2 had a lot to show at Interbike this year with a focus on lifestyle and commuter friendly bags. From a lady’s backpack with hair and tush friendly features, a full size frame bag with a built in bottle holder and a handlebar bag for holding wine!

Pack up a picnic blanket, grab your favorite Stout Scotch *sigh* Malbec, and head past the break to see what Timbuk2 is packin….

Timbuk 2 IB15-7

Timbuk2, has been a name synonymous with messenger bags for years and to say they’re a messenger bag company would be like saying Nike is just a shoe company. Timbuk2, in addition to several variations of the messenger bag, has put a lot of effort into mobile storage solutions for general lifestyle purposes, commuting to work, and even hauling a full blown keg of beer…. well, kinda (Why can’t I get this out of my head???).

The Sunset series is a line of nice looking packs and messenger bags that have become popular with casual riders and commuters. This year they are adding a frame bag, pannier, trunk bag, and a handlebar pack designed for holding a bottle of wine. It’s a perfect setup for those that might like to attend outdoor events at the park, or ride down to a friends for dinner….. or head down to the Pack n Grab for a 40. If it fits, it ships right?

Timbuk 2 IB15-2Timbuk 2 IB15-1

Timbuk2’s new Lux Pack is designed to be a lightweight backpack that has some innovative features for women. The Lux pack has an easily accessible while on the bike, head and butt cover in case you run into a pop-up shower on the way to work protecting that ‘do and backside. The Lux pack has no Velcro anywhere on the outside of the pack so those with longer hair won’t have issues with it getting caught in the Velcro, leaving a fringe like bundle of hairs hanging off your pack.

Timbuk 2 IB15-3

To secure things in a hair friendly way, instead of Velcro, the top flap is held secure by rare earth magnets. The Lux pack will retail for $199, and there will also be a pannier version available for $169.

Timbuk 2 IB15-4Timbuk 2 IB15-5
The Alemany Pannier is an open design bag made for going to the farmer’s market or grocery store. In addition to a grab handle, it also features a cross-body strap if you wish to wear the bag rather than carry it. A simple, well thought out feature is the “inner net” system, (that is not redneck for having Wi-Fi access). A surrounding inner mesh, when pulled tight keeps fragile things like your eggs or beer in a safe hammock like cradle suspended above your other goods. It also has an external pocket perfect for a u-lock. The Almany will retail for $129.

Timbuk 2 IB15-8

With bikepacking becoming popular as well as the need for more versatile storage systems, Timbuk2 developed the Core Frame Bag to be an entry level offering for the folks that don’t need a $200+ industrially built bikepacking frame bag, but still want the storage space.

Timbuk 2 IB15-9

The Core Frame Bag is a lightweight bag that is easily attached on most traditional diamond frames and since the bag takes up the entire interior part of the frame including where your bottle cage goes, Timbuk2 built in a little exterior side pocket that is a perfect fit for your waterbottle. The Core Frame Bag will retail for $69.00.

Timbuk 2 IB15-10Timbuk 2 IB15-11

Though not brand new, the Especial Raider Backpack is worth looking at again. According to Mark Hanley, Timbuk2’s Vice President of Sales, the Raider Pack has caught on and is quickly becoming one of the favorites. What makes the Raider pack shine is not just its light weight and reflective bottom. The Raider has internal compartments for keeping folded clothes secure (via an internal structure) and separated from your dirty shoes, and most importantly, it conforms very well to a riders back when riding a cross or road bike when panniers are not an option. See it in action during our previous coverage. The Especial Raider Backpack retails for $79.

Timbuk 2 IB15-13

Timbuk2 will also have a messenger version of the Raider with the new Especial Spoke Messenger bag that will also retail for $79

Timbuk 2 IB15-12Timbuk 2 IB15-1-2

The Especial Primo Pack (L) is a new durable waterproof backpack with a external water bottle holder that has drain holes so it doesn’t retain rain water. The Primo will retail for $199. Though not bike specific, the Rogue (R) backpack from their Agent collection is their best selling backpack in the company. The Rogue is a slim, urban profile laptop pack, with proper internal organization for pens and power cords. On the outside, it has a bottle opener and a daisy-chain webbing system of loops that provides a place for your U-lock, carabiners and other attachables. The Rogue Retails for $79.99.


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8 years ago

‘Cause only women have hair. And butts.

8 years ago

^only woman care about getting wet hair on a commute

8 years ago

@ Fabio….isn’t that what manbuns are for?

8 years ago

I got an especial raider and it is AWESOME. Living in seattle it works most days. I like the light weight and the reflective bottom panel. Areas for potential improvement: I’d like a removable rain-cover, as the bag isn’t super-waterproof. If it had a stow pocket at the base, that would be great.
The key-ring loop is nice and long. Good Job Timbuk2. I’d like if that top-pocket were slightly deeper, with a small organizer compartment.

Still love the bag! Good Job Timbuk2!

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