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IB16: Light & Motion takes to the skies with Seca 2200 Drone light, adds hard wired e-bike lights

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Light & Motion’s latest product doesn’t have a whole lot to do with bikes – unless you’re one of the number of bicycle photographers and videographers looking to drones to get the shot. Even more important is the desire to get the shot at night. Drones have provided an entirely new perspective on riding but they’ve mostly been relegated to daylight hours. Now, Light & Motion is adding a way for drone pilots to light up the night, and the shot…


light-and-motion-seca-2200-drone-e-bike-lightsinterbike-2016-322 light-and-motion-seca-2200-drone-e-bike-lightsinterbike-2016-321

Built around the same Seca 2200 that you would use on your bike, the Seca 2200d uses the new 4 Cree LED array that provides more a more dispersed lighting pattern. Light & Motion calls it a 24 degree beam pattern with a massive 2200 lumens. When hung from a drone in mid air, the light should easily be able to light up the scene below. One thing we’ve noticed with a few rides on the new Seca 2200 for bikes, is that the beam pattern is more flood than spot which eliminates hot spots and should be really good for filming or photos.


Since the light is meant for small drones like the 3DR Solo, DJI Phantom, and Inspire, the battery pack is a special 2 cell model which will provide 40 minutes of light on high power. That should be enough to match with the battery time of the drone, and it’s small enough to be run on the drone without messing with the balance at 266g. The battery is also separate from the light to allow you to position it in the best spot for flying stability. Mounting to the drone with the new GoPro mount, the Seca 2200d will sell for $380.

Output and Run Time Specifications: 

  • High – 2200 lumens: 40 minutes
  • Medium – 1100 lumens: 80 minutes   
  • Low – 550 lumens: 160 minutes
  • Battery charge time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Key Features

  • 2200 lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • 4 CREE LED array with enhanced firmware
  • Custom engineered reflector/optics
  • Sophisticated flicker-free firmware design
  • GoPro interface for versatile and secure mounting options
  • Compact 2-cell battery can be adjusted to drone for ideal fit
  • Waterproof construction IP-67 (1 meter, 30 minutes)
  • System weight: 266 Grams
  • MSRP: $380

GoPro mount with extension arm, 2-cell battery, battery strap, smart external charger

light-and-motion-seca-2200-drone-e-bike-lightsinterbike-2016-319 light-and-motion-seca-2200-drone-e-bike-lightsinterbike-2016-318

On the bike, in addition to the Seca 2200, Light & Motion was showing off the new Imjin which is a super small yet powerful light. Using the same battery as the previous Stella, the Imjin offers 800 lumens with a light head that weighs just 72g. Shining with a wide spot, the light also offers amber side illumination and can use a battery pack that is mounted to your helmet at 232g (entire system) or stashed in your pack. Like the rest of the lights, it’s IP67 waterproof and can be mounted with a snap in helmet mount, GoPro mount, or bar mount for $199.


light-and-motion-seca-2200-drone-e-bike-lightsinterbike-2016-325 light-and-motion-seca-2200-drone-e-bike-lightsinterbike-2016-324

That same Imjin light also stars as Light & Motion’s new hard wired e-bike light for front or rear use. Compatible with 6-18v e-bike batteries like those from Bosch or Shimano, the lights are called the Nip and Tuck, with Nip front lights offered in 500 and 800 lumen models and the Tuck rear putting out 25 lumens of red light. Both have side illumination and CREE LEDs and can either be mounted with rigid mounts to the bike or with rubber straps. Pricing starts at $60 for the Tuck, $80/$100 for Nip 500/800, or $130 for the 500 lumen Nip-N-Tuck set. Available now.


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7 years ago

The Fly12 would be a great addition to a Quadcopter (drone) for lights and video!

7 years ago

I wonder if the Nip and Tuck can be used with dynamo hubs?

7 years ago

I want the drone light to follow me while I ride at night or maybe light up my race pit at 24hr races.

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