NDVR Bravo titanium folding travel mountain bike

Following in the footsteps of their debut Alpha road bike, the new NDVR Bravo mountain bike also gets the Ritchey Breakaway folding system incorporated into a made-in-the-USA titanium frame.

The Bravo is a 27.5+ that can fit up to a 3.5″ tire (it’s shown here with a 2.8). They kept it at 27.5 so that the wheels would still fit regular airline size guidelines, versus a 29er. Just let the air out of the tires to make it fit in their custom case, which is included with purchase…

NDVR Bravo titanium folding travel mountain bike

If it weren’t for the brand’s ethos of making awesome bikes that can travel with you easily, a quick glance would leave one to think this is simply an awesome titanium hardtail. Made for them by Lynskey in Tennessee, it’s crafted from 3/2.5 US titanium, straight gauge round tubes.

NDVR Bravo titanium folding travel mountain bike


Ritchey’s system uses an angled cut around the seat post and a collared frame break on the down tube to separate the bike into two halves, letting it fit compactly into a standard sized case that won’t flag any extra fees from your favorite airline.

NDVR Bravo titanium folding travel mountain bike

NDVR Bravo titanium folding travel mountain bike

The frame is Di2 and rack ready, making it a great (high end) travel companion. This one’s a final prototype, could be shipping as early as November. Price $TBD.



  1. Steve on

    It would be great to see a picture of the bike folded/packed. Also what are the dimensions of the case. a picture of it would be great too.


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