The battle to capture your watts keeps getting fiercer, and the new 4iiii Precision Podiiiium dual-sided power meter is on the attack with an affordable new option that claims +/-1.5% accuracy. Available initially on Shimano’s latest Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 cranksets, you can order them as a complete crankset or send in your existing cranks for a factory cleaning and installation.

4iiii Precision Podium dual sided aftermarket power meter for Shimano Ultegra and Dura-Ace cranksets

Visually, the new Precision Podiiiium units are quite different, and that’s to accommodate the new electronics and built-in rechargeable battery. Even with charging ports (visible on bottom photo), they’re still thinner than before. This opens up more frame clearance and compatibility, so it’ll work on more bikes.

4iiii Precision Podium dual sided aftermarket power meter for Shimano Ultegra and Dura-Ace cranksets

The new Precision Podiiiium model hides in plain sight, no longer needing the externally visible transmitter and battery box shown in the background.

The new Precision Podiiiium power meter is available as a single-sided non-drive option starting at $399 installed on your own cranks…or upgrade from the original version for $349. Or just go all-in with the new dual sided option on your current cranks for $749.

Their ready-to-ride options that include a new crankset with the power meter pre-installed start at $999. Market availability expected January 2018.

Shimano power meter cranksets from 4iiii Precision Podium stick-on strain gauges

The new design uses a micro-USB charging port with indicator light to let you know when it’s time to top it off…which shouldn’t be too often, battery life is pegged at 60 hours. Update it via Bluetooth through iOS and Android apps, and connect it to your smartphone, smart watch or cycling computer with Bluetooth or ANT+.


  1. Tan on

    Hmm, my only concern with build-in battery and micro-USB port is what happen when the unit is 5 years old, the battery life will surely degrade by then and what happens if it can’t hold charge anymore or if the micro-USB port ended up becoming loose and end up with poor connection?

      • Veganpotter on

        That’s if you run it down immediately after charging. Not over time, through various weather conditions. The cold alone ruins its lifecycle and I’m not just talking about using it for the winter. It’ll stay worse.

    • shafty on

      In 5 years? Drivetrains will change a bit before then, your bike may as well. One can guess if you’ve a need for a powermeter, you compete with decent placings. If you don’t, that’s fine, but realize in that case, it’s quite a luxurious(unnecessary?) piece of equipment. Honestly, $750 for 5 years of use doesn’t sound bad, as they retrofit onto your cranks. 500 charge cycles(30,000 hours estimated), nets you 600,000 miles of riding at an average speed of 20mph. Even 20% of that is quite a bit of riding. You’ll be fine.

      You might be better served, if heavy long-term use is important, to buy a powermeter mounted to a fully modular crank. SRM makes models for Hollowgram, with separate arms, spindle, and spiders.

      At the end of your road season, just mail ’em in for a battery replacement. Done yearly, I can’t imagine there being major issues.

  2. korus on

    What about the micro-USB port getting wet and accumulating road grime year after year? I just appears to be a recipe for issues….


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