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IB17: Speedplay colorizes, Wren winterizes & Caffe Latex powderizes

speedplay sizer color pedal bodies
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Speedplay had a few updates, including these eye-catching new colors for the Syzr pedal bodies. The body is already replaceable, with different size parts to accommodate leg length discrepancies and other fit issues.

They had pink ones made for Alison Tetrick and her Dirty Kanza-winning bike, and now they’re considering making a few other options available for consumers. No timeline announced, hopefully they won’t take as long to hit the market as the pedals did.

The Brass Knuckles flat pedal is now shipping with taller pins.


Wren Sports winter damper cartridge for inverted fat bike suspension fork

Wren Sports‘ new winter damping cartridge comes is running a nearly 1WT oil and has bigger orifices with wider open ports. With oil, a lower number means it’s thinner, so it flows more easily. The new cartridge is made for temps below 40°F, tested in the lab down to -30°F. They say it was ridden at the 2016 Iditarod bike race, where wind chill pushed it down in the -50s, and that it was the first time a suspension part was used in that event because other forks just lock up at those temps. It Drops in and out of the fork, letting you swap it in a few minutes with the tools shown here. About $75.

Wren Sports winter damper cartridge for inverted fat bike suspension fork with new stealth thru axle

Wren also has a new stealth thru axle option allows up to 8nm of tightening force, far more than you can get with the QR cam.


Effetto Mariposa Caffe Latex Vitamina CL polymer additive for tubeless tire sealant to help it seal larger holes

Vitamina CL is a new Caffe Latex product that’s a polymeric powder that you add to their sealant to help it seal up to an 8mm puncture. And it helps seal faster, so there’s less pressure loss, important for race day. No change to lifespan of the sealant.
$30 for a tub that’ll match use rates of their largest bottle of sealant.
New phone pocket pouch that comes in a large size to fit larger phones.

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6 years ago

Frog 2.0. When?

6 years ago

The lifespan of caffelatex is about 1 day. Tested on multiple road tubeless setups.

Michael Cleveland
6 years ago
Reply to  Jason

I beg to differ but I can’t say it didn’t happen. At this point, I’ve been using their products for many years and it’s the only sealant that I’ll use. Thus far, I’ve never had an issue with them prematurely drying out. Six months or longer is pretty standard for me. Oh, I’ve also used it on my road bike and that worked great as well. That was with Specialized tubeless road tires.

6 years ago

WTF? windchill has no affect on bike forks or any other bike part. they can’t get any colder than the ambient air temperature. wind chill is a measure of the comparative rate at which heat is removed from a warm object such as the human body or a dead squirrel. if it’s minus-30 and blowing 30 mph, you will die of hypothermia on the Iditarod Trail much faster than in still air, but once you’re cold, frozen body reaches a temperature of minus-30, that’s as cold as it will get.

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
6 years ago
Reply to  craigmedred

I think that is just to illustrate how extremely cold those conditions are.

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