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Idaho Bike Safety Bills Killed in the Senate

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…and not the good kind of killed, as in ‘that comedian killed.’  No, sadly, none of the three bike safety bills that matter will pass in the current senate session.

The three bills included a 3-feet-to-pass provision, an anti-harassment provision and a safe-routes-to-school bill all failed to be approved.  The first two didn’t even make it to a vote, and the third, which would have given children (and the parents) more reason to ride bikes to school, failed .

There’s a fourth bill that would require brakes on all bikes (as if the Walmart fixed-speed bike wasn’t bad enough, now Idahoan hipsters just won’t know what to do), but it, too, will likely get through the session without being voted on.

“For lots of reasons of timing and politics those things will not happen this Legislative session but another attempt will be made to develop more allies in the next Idaho Legislature,” said Kurt Holzer, cycling enthusiast and attorney. “We will live to fight another day. That is the nature of legislating.

“The two good, pro cycling statutes were voted to the amending order in the Idaho Senate after the initial hearing,” said Holzer. “That is the process that allows changes to the language to address Legislator’s concerns. Certain trucking interests like the Idaho Loggers Association and Idaho Truckers Association raised some opposition to the bills and it became clear that those bills would not pass out of the Senate.”

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14 years ago

every time i go home to boise i see more and more bikes on the roads. sometimes im ashamed of my home state. way to take 3 steps back. no wonder i moved.

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