It’s only been about a week since we got a sneak peek at the hydraulic disc brake SRAM eTap group in testing when we were out in California for Sea Otter, and now we have another shot of it out in the real world. But this view comes with something even better, the added bonus of being attached to a new aero disc brake bike from Canyon that we had heard rumors of, but hadn’t caught a glimpse of yet. And the source of this little leak… Katusha pro Alexander Kristoff and his Instagram account while he was out for a training ride. It’s since been taken down as the bike company isn’t quite ready to put it out in the world, but the close up is revealing…

The bike does appear to be a Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc. While we haven’t seen a production disc brake race bike from Canyon yet, they’ve had a pretty finished looking prototype of their light weight Ultimate since at least Eurobike back in 2012.

Kristoff himself seems pretty pleased with the new bike, at least for training back at home in Norway, even with the current UCI stalemate on discs for the road. And he does confirm that is a new eTap hydro setup. We can also see that he is riding on a set of aluminum Zipp Course 30 wheels (maybe tubeless?) and is using 160mm SRAM rotors based on their outline and the position of the front flat mount adapter. We’ll have to keep our eyes open for a pending release of the bike now…


  1. Pit on

    Oh man, nice training bike. Too bad he can’t race on it lol. Normal Aeroad with rim brakes is the better choice for racers.


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