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Interbike 2008 – Rooly Sunglasses

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Rooly Sunglasses is a brand I hadn’t heard of, but they’ve been around since 2000.  Their frames are made of a lightweight plastic called Trinine that’s very flexible with some memory, so you can shape them (a little) to fit your noggin.  The sport models, which is most of what’s shown here and when you read “more” all come with a hard case and one extra lense.  The Prospect, shown above, is one of two models that use a single “entrapped” lense for a wide vision range.  Besides their proprietary plastic, they use an iPola injected polarization technology rather than the typical laminating or sandwiching of the polarization on/in the lens.

Check out some other models and their superlight goggles with dual lenses to prevent fogging when you read “more”…

The Proz is a smaller version of the Prospect.  I tried them on, and they are very small.

The Partial (above) and 2Partial below.

The Pacino is half style / half sport.

The Olympia is their ski / downhill / 4x goggle that has a second lense on the inside with about 1/8″ gap between the two, but the space between them is totally sealed, kind of like double-pane windows. Funnels on the bottom of the lens direct air across the inside of the lens and out the top, further preventing fog.

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