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Interbike 2010: Demon Dirt – Pants, Armor, and Cotton Candy!

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Nick from Demon Dirt is a man of many talents, but if I had to use one word to describe him it would have to be driven. Upon returning home from a whirlwind tour promoting his line of sick clothing and gear, Nick managed to break his arm in a bad way just before Interbike. Most people would have been at least slowed by having to have their bones reassembled like Legos and plated back together but that didn’t seem to be the case. Honestly after meeting with Nick, it didn’t seem to slow him down at all, although he did have a lot of help from a great crew. To most companies, last minute floor plan changes and building a booth for Interbike from scratch would really be a nightmare, but the Demon gang managed to put together an awesome booth that resembled more of a macabre art gallery than boring trade show.

To add even more fun to the party Nick got his hands on a cotton candy machine, and he and the rest of the Demon crew were concocting rad flavors to hand out to hungry show goers. While the atmosphere was super chill and was more like hanging out at the local dirt jumps than talking business, the real draw was checking out the Demon Dirt products on display just behind the cotton candy machine.

Get the details on Demon Dirt after the break!

The Plague is here, and it’s spreading. The Black Plague is Demon Dirt’s “duh, why didn’t I think of that” product. The law of protection is pretty simple, when you wear it you don’t need it, but when you don’t well that’s when you’ll make hamburger out of your shin.

Problem is, most shin protection is bulky and hot, which leads to most people like me choosing not to wear it – only to regret it later.

The Black Plague jeans seem like they would solve that, with a lightweight shin guard that slips into a neat pocket on both legs. The guard is thick enough that it looks like it could deflect angry pedal pins, but light enough that it won’t pull your pants down. The best part is that it’s removable for washing, or if you simply don’t care to ride with it.

But without the guard they’re just normal jeans, right? Wrong. The jeans themselves have quite a bit of stretch built in allowing freedom of movement even while pedaling a bike. Also they boast some pretty heavy seams and crotch gusseting to keep you from doing this like I did on Friday.

We hope to get a pair of our own soon, so I can tell you just how well they work, but until then you will just have to rely on the amazing amount of kids already out shredding in these jeans!

Also on display were the new Medic Gloves, the name is self explanatory. The slip on gloves mean no Velcro to come undone and ensure a snug comfy fit. The Coolmax top is mated to a single layer palm with just enough thickness to keep you comfy, yet still sends load of steering input back to the rider. The terry cloth thumb comes pre blood stained to wipe off your face or your goggles.

Speaking of goggles:

Check out the Monocle Goggle, $45.99 for a stylish goggle that won’t fog. Each pair will ship with a clear lens and a double mirrored lens to protect your eyes in a variety of lighting conditions.

The last banger in the Demon Dirt booth was of course, their new Hyper Core Saver which is fully equipped with d3o. For those not familiar with d3o, in it’s rawest form it is similar to silly putty when at rest and is able to be shaped with your hands. However, hit it with a hammer and it instantly stiffens absorbing a tremendous amount of impact. When incorporated into body armor it yields protection that is amazingly comfortable and flexible yet still provides the necessary protection.

To combat the heat, especially when fully suited up in body armor Demon Dirt incorporated some flexible air vents into the Hyper, so that when you get into “attack” position on your bike, they actually flex open possibly acting like mini ram air ducts for your gear. The bicep protectors are also removable, creating a true core saver when extra protection of the arms isn’t needed.

While many companies have started to incorporate d3o into their protective gear, Demon Dirt certainly has produced one of the most ambitious uses of the wonder polymer and that’s just their style. Demon Dirt is obviously rider owned and operated, and they are putting out the gear that they would want to ride if they were the consumer, which is the way it should be.

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13 years ago

Very cool stuff and very cool folks too. Their booth was behind our Kinetic Koffee booth and we had wayward strands of cotton candy wafting into our booth throughout the show…

13 years ago

When doe the Hyper Core Saver expected to drop? And where can we buy it…Online?

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