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Interbike 2010: Spank’s New Beveled Spike Flat Pedal Puts Rocks on Edge

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Spank’s new Spike pedal brings some innovation to the flat pedal game. Besides being fairly light (sub-400g per pair), they have a massive 85 square cm surface.  The real claim to fame is the chamfered edge that gives them a ridiculously shalled 4mm effective stack height equivalent when cornering, and it doubles as skid plate.

They’ll come in four colors (gray isn’t shown) and have 16 replaceable pins per pedal. Another cool feature, which wasn’t finalized on these prototypes, is the sloping edge near the threads at the crank’s edge. It’s ramped to let your foot slid directly onto the pedal from the crank arm, and they’re refining the shape to strike the right balance between being able to fit the oversized (hollow!) axle in and allowing your foot to use the crank arm as a guide down to the pedal.

The body of the pedal is a one-piece forged unit, and it rolls on Igus industrial bushings and full complement sealed bearings with oil seals on either end of the axle.

More pics, plus some highlights from the rest of their line, after the break…

Straight on, the beveled edges give you more clearance when cornering and should shrug off hits that would otherwise snag your pedal and send you flying out of control.


Here are the things I ran out of time to take photos of:

  • Spike rims new design creates a super stiff 35mm rim that weighs in at just 535g for a DH race rim.
  • Stiffy rim is for freeriding whatever to hell you want. It’s a 40mm wide rim that can double as a snow bike rim.  Weighs in about 690g.
  • Both rims use their OohBah tubular like shape to create a very solid structure.
  • New Spike handlebars colors, blue and red.
  • New lower price point direct mount stem made of 6061 that doesn’t get the intricate shaping of their higher end Spike director stem, but sells for $69.
  • New Spoon line of price sensitive parts for gravity and jumping type riding. Bar is 740mm wide, butted and tapered, shot peened for durability and comes in 20mm and 40mm rise. $39.99. Stem is also $39.99 and is a true 0º rise, 40mm stem. The Spoon line, including the rim, comes in four colors.
  • Subrosa bar has a dual finish (ano’d and etched) made via CNC bending. With some handlebar manufacturing, bars are manually bent against a die, then grinded down to smooth off the bends. With CNC bending, it’s robotically controlled and pulls from multiple directions at once to reduce stress risers and prevent any crimping. The result, says Spank, is a tougher bar that requires no post bending refinishing. $75.50 at 280g, width is 747mm.

Pics of most of this stuff are on their website, which is spank-ind.com. (like the Skins post, it’s best to go directly to the right URL than guess at Spank’s URL and fall down that rabbit hole…especially if you’re at work)

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