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Interbike 2012: Abus Au Courant w Recycled Locks, Multicolors and Eco-Helms

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Abus Locks Granit Extrem 59 X Plus 54 U Lock Bordo

In addition to a huge selection of products, Abus brought the big contenders to Interbike – the Bordo 6000 foldable, Granit Extreme 59 U Lock, and X-Plus 54 U Lock – shown left to right. All of those, and especially the two on the right provide huge security. The Granit Extreme is the most heavy duty. It weighs in at six pounds (which we found surprisingly light) and Abus claimed the lock won against three Chevy Suburbans at one time during product testing. Naturally, the price is high at $279.99, followed shortly after by the X-Plus 54 and Bordo priced at roughly $150. For the Bordo foldable 6000 lock though, Abus had some tricks up their sleeve. They released a revamped version that’s ecofriendly with a radiant woodland aroma.

A lock that smells good. Interesting. Sniff through the break for more…

Abus Bordo 6000 Ecolution Folding LockThe Abus Bordo 6000 Ecolution is made with 5mm hardened steel bars like the original Bordo. But instead of rubber, it gets a synthetic coating on the bars that’s mixed with biodegradable natural fibers. Those natural fibers make the lock downright aromatic. It’s the first lock that comes with a distinct scent (we think). The cover is an Oeko-tex certified fabric, making the lock fully recyclable. Available in brown and black.

Abus Kranium Ecolution Helmet SideWhile we’re talking eco, Abus was displaying a couple of helms, the first being the Kranium Ecolution. It gets some tech Abus hasn’t used before. A dual layer wood-cellulose fibre honeycomb board lines the inside. It’s the same water resistant material used in India for building temporary housing. They’re partnering the honeycomb board with recycled EPS for the tome. Abus claims this combo offers three times better shock absoprtion than standard EPS.

Abus Kranium Ecolution Helmet Rear Abus Kranium Ecolution Helmet Foam

A translucent panel on the rear lets you peek at the cardboard-ish material. It doesn’t show up well in the image, but Abus has a more glorious shot on their website along with more specs.

Abus Cyclonaut Commuter Helmet Main

Here’s another cool commuter helmet, one that’s inspired by the ’20s. Abus calls it the Cyclonaut. Manufactured in the UK, it gets leather earmuffs with an opening for headphones.

Abus Cyclonaut Commuter Helmet

It comes in grey, beige, and as I was happy enough to model, tartan with pink stitching. Check it here.

Abus Locks U Grip Plus U Lock BlackSet to release in February is the U-Grip plus u-lock line. The mount that comes in the packaging hooks to the seat tube and faces it to the rear of the bike.  Coating the outside is Abus’ elastogrip synthetic material that’s soft to the touch. A 13mm square shackle on the inside provides enough security to receive a Sold Secure gold rating..

Abus U Grip Plus U Lock Line Black Red

The elastogrip coating ensures your paint won’t get scratched.

Abus Lock U Grip Plus U Lock Green White

Also available in multi-colors, lime green/red and white/gray.

Abus Ivera Chain Lock Three Versions  Abus Lock U Grip 560 Colorful Lock

The Ivera Chain lock on the left comes with a bracket now so you can mount it on the frame. If you still opt to toss it over your shoulder, the mesh material on the outside is said to more comfy than nylon materials. On top of that, the Ivera is UV resistant (which means a fresh looking lock for longer) and is vented for a quick dry after the rain. They’re making them in three sizes – 10mm, 8mm, and 7mm chains.

On the right are Abus’ U-Grip 560 colorful locks. (No Hello Kitty version…yet.) They get the same squishy elastogrip material as the U-grip plus line. An 8mm twisted cable runs the length for security. Pricing is $22.99 and Abus assured us that unlike other locks in this price range, they can’t be popped open with a screwdriver.

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