September 24 update:  Transition time and AFC details added below.

Given the success of their Pivlock V2 and V2 Max models (reviewed here), Smith have gone with a number of tweaks and new colors for 2013.  The biggest and most exciting are the photochromic clear-gray and Ignitor (red) lenses shown here.  Seeing as few people actually swap lenses mid-ride, the variable transmission lenses should make the Pivlocks that much nicer for late afternoon/early evening rides and commutes that start or finish in the dark. The $80 lenses include Smith’s AFC anti-fog coating on the inside and are available separately or bundled with frames.  Transition times run ~20 seconds from clearest to darkest, ~60 seconds in the other direction.

More color options and some prescription inserts after the break…

The handsome new Matte Clear with Blue Mirror Lens combination, which comes bundled with the photochromic Ignitor lens

It doesn't get much darker than "Impossibly Black with Blackout Lens," a combination that comes bundled with the photochromic Ignitor lens.

These ODS2 prescription for Pivlock V90 glasses move the lenses out only slightly and can be used with several snow goggles as well.

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