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Interbike Randomness – New DZR Performance Shoe and Knog Locks

DZR Shoes New Designs
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DZR Shoes New Designs

It’s no secret that I love my Mission Workshop DZR shoes.  I wear them nearly every day.  When strolling through the DZR booth this year I was very pleased to find a myriad of new designs, along with a performance oriented sole in some of those new shoes.

Run on past the jump for the rest of the details.

DZR Performance Shoe 1

For their performance line, DZR have taken their somewhat flexy sole and inserted a stiffer steel plate in the cleat area for reinforcement.  This should result in a shoe that can be used on longer rides, where more serious effort is being put out.


DZR Performance Shoe Tread Pattern

The tread pattern has also been modified.  If you notice, there is no solid edge around the shoe now.  The pattern goes all the way to the sides to allow water, mud, and other gunk an escape path.

Knog Bouncer mini U-Lock

The Knog Bouncer Lock in White

Knog was showing off two new locks this go around.  The first being their Bouncer u-lock.  It felt good in the hand, has a nice rubberized coating, and was sized to fit in your back pocket.

Knog Milkman Lock 1

The other lock on display was a dainty little thing called the Milkman.  It is small enough to fit in a jersey pocket, or the front pocket of your jeans, and would be best used for those times when you want to pop into the coffee shop (or bar) for all of two minutes and then go sit outside by your bike to enjoy your beverage.

Knog Milkman Lock 2

It’s small square of injection molded polycarbonate (aka plastic) that houses a retractable braided steel cable.  Extend the cable, then the end locks into a port on the body of the lock.

My visit to the Knog booth this year was one of the more odd experiences I had at Interbike.  I walked up, introduced myself, and then asked what was new this year.  I was then asked to turn off my camera and come back to see what was behind the curtain.  They proceeded to  show me the new selection of blinky lights coming out in 2012.

While I don’t have photos to share, I can tell you that there are some neat designes, and they are brighter as well.  In traditional Knog fasion, they are a bit campy, and use a tool-less mount for easy on and off.  In not so traditional Knog fassion, one was made of carbon fiber and titanium and will cost upwards of $80.  It’s a rear blinky with a strip of 5 LED’s that mounts vertically on the seat post.  And finally, Tom Selleck’s mustache may or may not be involved.  You’ll have to wait and see.

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12 years ago

I really want to hate Knog, but their products are thoughtful and do fill a niche.

G-d damn them.

Joshua Murdock
12 years ago

Diggin’ those shoes. I think I might need to get a pair headed my way soon…

12 years ago

Knog has really stepped up their product in the past few years. Where once was a fully useless single LED now stands a company with some genuinely interesting products.

Also those shoes are on my christmas list.

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