Sure, they’ve been on shelves for about a month, but we thought that it would only be right to spend some time with CLIF’s Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Iced Gingerbread, and new-for-2011 Peppermint Stick energy bars before recommending them.  Don’t forget that CLIF donate 1% of sales of their holiday-inspired flavors to the Winter Wildlands Alliance (“the first and only national organization that works on behalf of skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers, winter hikers and other outdoor adventurers to address national issues that impact our winter wildlands.”) and follow your stomach past the break…

In true CLIF BAR fashion, all three seasonal flavors are very edible.  Still broken up over the loss of last year’s Cranberry Orange Nut Bread flavor, I resolved to get over it and find a new favorite.  For starters, I would say that all three are true to their names, with the Iced Gingerbread and Spiced Pumpkin Pie being somewhat less ginger-y and spice-y than they might be (probably a good thing while exercising).  While all three are welcome in my pack, the Peppermint Stick flavor is the clear standout in my opinion.  With a surprising minty-ness and gooey peppermint blobs mixed in with the usual (largely organic) Clif oats and nuts.  The aftertaste is nice and clean- though it can be an odd mix with many energy drink flavors.  The only downside is that the cool mintiness can make cold lungs feel even colder.  If I can convince myself not to eat them all, I might have to set a few aside for eating on hot days…


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10 years ago

Still bitter over the loss of Cranberry Orange Nut Bread. Of Cliff, how you’ve done me wrong!

10 years ago

***oh no!! someone opened their clif bar upside down – thats a take-a-dive bar. flip that package over so the opening is up and their little logo guy is tumbling down from his ice climb. you definitely don’t want a take-a-dive bar… gotta open those up right side up***