Following the same idea as Volvo and POC, Jaguar is starting to use high-tech vehicle features to protect cyclists and other non-four-wheeled users.

The Jaguar system called Bike Sense would be fit into new Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles over the next two years. There is a whole host of ways it can alert drivers with haptic feedback on pedals, door handles and steering wheel, visible color changes to interior parts, auditory alerts (including a bicycle bell!), and it could even tap the driver on the shoulder.

Using sensors around the vehicle, it can tell if cyclists, pedestrians or motorcyclists are in the path of the vehicle, or if moving the vehicle would cause a collision. Then, it can decide which is the best method of all the various notifications, and alert the driver to the situation. For instance, if a cyclist is coming up from behind, and opening the door could hit them, the car will buzz the door handle someone goes to open the door, or if moving the car forward would create a collision, it will buzz the gas pedal if the driver tries to accelerate.

Jaguar has thought through a lot of scenarios, and the resulting features cover almost everything. Click more to see a video showing the cool color changing interior to alert drivers to people in the blind spots…



  1. JBikes on

    I’m really hoping this type of tech catches on. It’s the least automakers can do given the issue of texting and the fact that cars have more and more distractions in them

  2. Tom on

    The cool thing is my 2009 Mazda 6 has “Blind Spot Warning” in the mirror and it will sense bicyclists.

    Any advance that will help drivers more aware of cyclists is welcome!

  3. LPS on

    Great, at least now I know I won’t get run over by rich people. Now if only they could install this tech in white utility vans and redneck pickups, the roads would be even safer..


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