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John Abbott Nez Retells the Story of America’s ‘Boy Aeronaut’

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John Abbot Nez Cromwell Dixon's Sky-Cycle

Children’s author and illustrator, John Abbott Nez, tells the true story of America’s ‘Boy Aeronaut’ in Cromwell Dixon’s Sky-Cycle.  (An aeronaut being the pilot of a lighter-than-air aircraft such as a balloon. Not an arrow with a knot in it. But we knew that. I certainly didn’t have to look it up in the dictionary that’s now sitting next to me). As the story goes, in 1907 a boy named Cromwell Dixon dreamed of building his own flying airship. Fortunately for us he used a bicycle parts, earning him a spot on BikeRumor.com, and helping make the cyclists of the world a little bit smarter about American history.

Check out John Nez’s site for the new book or grab it cheap from Amazon.com. There is a short video trailer for the book showing some of the great artwork, history on the sky-cycle, history of 1907 and more.

Also, click ‘more’ for actual photos of Cromwell Dixon’s Sky-Cycle.

Other books have been written about Cromwell Dixon. Although he died very young, about age 19, he accomplishments were amazing. Here’s a link to a biography.

Testing out a new propeller.

Cromwell Dixon Sky Cycle

Look how YOUNG he was!!

Cromwell Dixon Sky Cycle

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15 years ago

This is what every good “rumor” web site should have!! I love the fact that you guys are expanding your (and mine) horizons with “other stuff” for us to read. I would have never found this
without your web page. Thanks and I’ll be looking for this book for my kids. Keep up the good work and find more esoteric stuff related to cycling for us to enjoy.

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