Just how quiet is the new Trek Fuel EXe? Cam McCaul directly compares it to other eBikes

If you haven’t heard the news, Trek has a new eBike. Well, a few of them actually, but one is really exciting – the new Fuel EXe. A lot of that excitement revolves around the new motor, the TQ-HPR50. We did a deep dive on the new motor tech here, but the short answer is that it’s lighter, with more torque, and perhaps most importantly, quieter.

EBike motor noise is something eBike riders have come to accept for the added boost. But as Cam McCaul shows, maybe we don’t have to? Not only that, but Cam points out that there is a difference between just noise volume and tonality, both of which are claimed to be better on the Fuel EXe than most other eBikes.


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17 days ago

Do you happen to know if the Domane +HP is coming back and will the LT go to the TQ motor?

16 days ago

This is a commercial, right?

13 days ago

Let me get this straight… the ExE XTR build is $13000 and has a peak motor output of 300w? Pardon me while I piss myself laughing.