Trek releases two fun new eBikes with the around-town FX+ and all-road Dual Sport+

Earlier this month our talented Jessie-May covered Trek’s Fuel EXe, a beast of an eMTB with a tiny & very quiet electric motor. Well, the latest news from Wisconsin is that Trek has released two new ebike platforms with their all-new Dual Sport+, an electric-assisted version of the brand’s Dual Sport platform, and the FX+, what Trek calls a lightweight everyday bike for riders that just want to get on and go!
Trek Dual Sport+

Photo c. Trek Bicycles. Dual Sport+ in action.

Trek FX+ Commuting

Trek FX+ in action as well.

Dual Sport+

Trek says they intended the Dual Sport+ to be a “smooth, lightweight, go-anywhere e-bike made for multi-surface adventures”. The Dual Sport+ uses a 40Nm rear-wheel electric drive motor that is powered by a 250Wh internal battery system.

Trek Dual Sport+ skidding

Gettin’ loose…Dual Sport+ Stagger

The peeps at Trek want you to be able to take the Dual Sport+ anywhere your mood takes you, from paved city riding to your local “light” gravel trails.

Trek Dual Sport+

2.0″ tires come stock-aroo!

The Dual Sport+ comes with 27.5″ wheels and 2.0″ “gravel” tires so you can explore a wide variety of terrain. And if your mood takes you out in bad weather, the available fender mounts allow you to mount front and rear fenders, even with the 2.0″ tires mounted.

Trek Dual Sport+

20mph max assist and a 35 mile range…

Trek Dual Sport+ toggle controls

Easy to reach toggle controls

The Dual Sport+ comes with what Trek is calling an intuitive drive system, that has easy, on-the-bar toggle controls that let the rider choose between 3 levels of pedal assist. With a max speed of 20-mph assist and a 35-mile range on one charge, getting around can be quick and easy. And the Dual Sport+’s stopping power is provided by hydraulic disc brakes.

Trek Dual Sport Range Extender

Trek’s Range Extender for both the Dual Sport+ and FX+

The Range Extender battery system, which is available as an option for either the Dual Sport+ or the FX+ allows the user to extend the range by doubling it to 70 miles by mounting it to the frame’s water bottle mounts and simply plugging it right into the down tube charging port. That’s a pretty cool option.

Trek Dual Sport+

The Dual Sport+ and the Dual Sport+ Stagger (step-through frame)

The Dual Sport+ uses what Trek calls Alpha Gold Aluminum for the fame build, which they claim helps in making the Dual Sport+ “their lightest hybrid ebike ever” at “around 40lbs” and claims that it’s up to 12 lbs lighter than “most electric bikes”… ok then.

Trek Dual Sport+ Integrated Rear light

Integrated front and rear lights

Trek Dual Sport+

Dual Sport+ in “Galactic Grey”

Trek Dual Sport+

Dual Sport+ Stagger (step-through frame) in “Hex Blue”

Dual Sport+ Retail

Both the Dual Sport+ and Dual Sport+ Stagger retail for $2399 and come in colors Galactic Gray and Hex Blue.
The Dual Sport+ Stagger comes in sizes Small through Large and the Dual Sport+ in sizes Small through X-large.

Next up, the FX+

Trek FX+ peace!


 Trek’s all-new FX+ is the electric version of what they say is their most popular hybrid bike that makes it easy to “move riders through town and country with ease, whether they’re commuting to work, running errands, or just riding for fun”. The FX+ is a bike that seems to cater to the “commuter or around-towner” type cyclist.

The FX+ comes with 700 x 40c tires but can be fitted with up to 50c tires without fenders and 45c with fenders.

Trek FX+ Commuting

Toolin’ around town with optional rack accessories

Riders can explore up to 35 miles using the same electric drive motor and battery system as the Dual Sport+, including the option to extend the bike’s battery range. And just like the Dual Sport+, the FX+ comes with hydraulic disc brakes to aid you in stopping when you are “on-the-go”.
“We created FX+ to make e-bikes more accessible to all kinds of riders,” says Krishna Menon, Trek’s City and Kids Product Marketing Manager. “With intuitive controls, a lightweight frame, and a lower price tag, we have no doubt this new platform will be just as popular as our traditional FX lineup.”
Trek FX+ takin' a break

Takin’ a break. FX+ Stagger (step-through frame) in “Blue Sage”

Trek front and rear integrated lights

FX+ integrated front and rear light

Both the FX+ and FX+ Stagger come stock with integrated lights that come on and off with the bike, fenders, and a sturdy rear rack. As well as the same “easy-to-reach” bar-mounted toggles to control the three levels of assist.

Using the same frame materials, Trek indicates that the weight of this bike to be exactly the same “around 40lbs” as the Dual Sport+

Trek FX+ in "Mulsanne Blue"

Trek FX+ in “Satin Mulsanne Blue” also available for the FX+ Stagger

Trek FX+ in "Viper Red"

Trek FX+ in “Viper Red”

Trek FX+ Stagger in "Satin Trek Black"

Trek FX+ Stagger in “Satin Trek Black” also available for the FX+

Trek FX+ Stagger in "Blue Sage"

Trek FX+ Stagger in “Blue Sage”

FX+ Retail

Both the FX+ and FX+ Stagger retail for $2499 and come in colors Satin Trek Black and Satin Mulsanne Blue, with the model exclusive colors of Blue Sage (FX+ Stagger) and Viper Red (FX+).
The FX+Stagger comes in sizes Small through Large. The FX+ comes in sizes Small through X-Large.
Visit the link below for more about the new Dual Sport+ and FX+ electric bikes!
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16 days ago

No suspension – in front at least? Do the designers ride on city streets?

16 days ago
Reply to  Augsburg

At just 20 top speed, keep the weight down. On faster e-bikes, suspension makes sense.

16 days ago
Reply to  Augsburg

Decent suspension is expensive. Most hybrid suspension forks barely work. Not worth the weight or cost. People have been riding bikes in cities without suspension since the bicycle was invented.

Gary P
Gary P
16 days ago
Reply to  Augsburg

So, these are the same bike, other than wheel/tire size and accessories (rack/fenders/chainguard)?

Dylan D
Dylan D
6 days ago
Reply to  Gary P


16 days ago

If I had a long-ish commute, I’d be all over one of these