About a week ago, a bottle of Ernesto Bike Lube landed in our inbox.  What’s Ernesto Bike Lube?  It’s a light soybean oil-based lube that “lasts a while.”  Ernesto’s ad copy may not be precise- but at least he’s not just making numbers up.  As a bonus, Ernesto claims that frying “some good country chicken eggs for breakfast” in his lube won’t lead to cancer.  Which is a good thing.

In all seriousness, Ernesto adds non-toxic materials to his renewable soybean oil base to help it stick to metal and keep the lubrication going.  The 4oz bottle shown runs a reasonable $7.50- send your bottle back and he’ll refill it for half that.  How does it work?  It’s early to say, but it goes on and seems reasonably clean.  Watch this space for a full review…


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