Just In! Lezyne’s LED Helmet Mount

When reviewing Lezyne’s Superdrive earlier this year, I mentioned that the coming helmet mount would improve the focused beam’s off-road utility.  Since then, Lezyne’s $20 LED Helmet Mount has become available- and a sample made its way to our door.  Built of Lezyne’s trademark polished aluminum and Composite Matrix (plastic), the Helmet Mount is compatible with all of Lezyne’s rechargeable LED headlights. Click through for more images and and in-use impressions…

The LED Helmet Mount’s padded underside and grippy Velcro strap provide a stable base for the light.  A spherical pivot provides adjustability in all directions and, when is easily snugged up using a knurled ring.  Helmet mounting has advantages for both mountain biking and commuting: On the dirt, it enables the rider to look ‘around’ corners; for commuting, helmet mounting has the advantages of being visually separate from cars’ headlights, easily directed to attract the attention of merging traffic, and being one less thing to remove from the bike when locking up at a store or work.

As versatile as the spherical pivot is, it does make the Superdrive sit awfully high- not only does it look awkward, but it increases the light’s changes of being caught on low-hanging branches.  A simpler (and lower profile) up-or-down design might be a bit sleeker and keep your Lezyne a bit further from harm’s way.  Still, for expanding the lights’ versatility, improving rider safety, and reducing the likelihood of theft, it’s a worthwhile upgrade.



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10 years ago

What about sex appeal? And how does the mount look with the light off?

tim o
tim o
10 years ago

@kippsters- wouldn’t it look more or less like the second photo? The one with the light off?