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Kindhuman Launching UCI Continental Pro Team in 2017 with Adam Myerson, teases new road bike

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Since day one, KindHuman has been about doing the right thing. Whether that is giving back to the community, the way their bikes are designed, or the way their bikes are sold, KindHuman places a lot of stock in giving back to the cycling community.

As the brand has expanded, so has their presence in the national race scene, but it’s about to get a whole lot bigger. The big news for today isn’t Adam Myerson’s race results from the national championship (though top 30 is nothing to sneeze at), but that Adam Myerson will be joining Adam Abramowicz as the General Manager for the new Kind Human UCI Continental Professional Team in 2017…


After speaking with Abramowicz over the weekend, the reasoning for launching a continental team is multi fold. Of course, using the feedback of some of the top racers nationally, the KindHuman bikes will continue to improve. Abramowicz hinted that there is already something new in the works product wise to get the team up and rolling. In the ghosted out image above, KindHuman is giving a little sneak peek at the new frame which looks to have an interesting balance of aerodynamics and frame details. In an interesting move, KindHuman will be making the team’s new bike available to the general public first. Yup. You’ll be able to buy it before they’re racing it.

Kind Human Adam Myerson cx nationals uci road-12

Perhaps more importantly, at least to the racers, is that in his opinion professional racing could stand a lot of improvement. Many fans of pro cycling might be surprised that even some of the best racers in the U.S. get paid less than the retail price of their bikes per year (a lot less in most cases). Abramawicz pointed out that if an organization the size of KindHuman can afford to pay their riders even a little more than the average, then bigger teams should as well. When KindHuman has both men’s and women’s teams they will receive equal pay as well.

But more than pay, for Abramowicz and Myerson, a pro continental team should be about fostering a race culture that echoes the KindHuman philosophy. Racing is about a lot more than testing new gear – it’s about inspiring the next generation of cyclists and adding to the community. Towards the end of the interview above, Myerson talks about the unique points to American bike racing and what sets apart the best teams saying:

“Those are the riders you want to be in the van with. Those are the guys that you feel comfortable talking to in the parking lot. And that’s the kind of team I want to be a part of.”


It should go without saying that the team will campaign as ambassadors for clean racing as well.

In addition Myerson at the helm as general manager, the KindHuman team will include Matthew Erchull as the Business Development Director, and help from companies including Ritchey Logic and Pactimo as advisors.


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8 years ago

Great project, keep up kh!
Also, kudos for the other guy’s bunny hop 🙂

8 years ago

Awesome project from one of the best bike manufacturer!

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